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Download Super Loan App Apk For FRee

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Superloan truly is super. They will provide you with loans of up to 100,000 dollars without collateral or a guarantor. You do not have to move from your home or fill out any forms using your smartphone, you can apply for the loan.

Their loan processing is extremely quick. Within one hour after submitting your application, your loan will be credited.

SuperLoan App
SuperLoan App

The requirements to apply for a super loan

To apply for a super loan, you have to meet with the requirements below.

  • Have a bank account as well as BVN
  • Are you able to earn a living?
  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Reside in Nigeria
  • You must have a smart phone to download the application
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How to apply for a superloan

In order to apply for loans, you have to download their application from the Google Play Store.

Start the app and sign in using your name, bvn and other information

Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll be able to logged in to your dashboard

Find your dashboard and click on the loan

You will be able to see the what amount of loans you can get

Click here to apply for this loan, and wait until you receive your loan.

How much can you loan through a super loan

With the super loan app, you can get up to $100,000 in loans at once. If you’re making your first application and you are a new user, the amount of loan you can get will be lower than this, however in the future. As you use the application, you will see an the possibility of an increase.

Rate of interest on Super Loans, and repayment term

The interest rate is between 12 to 22% per year. the repayment time is 7 days to 7 days to.

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If you are a first-timer, your repayment time will be short , and the interest rate is high . They did this to prove your competence. It will get better as you use the application

The repayment of your loan

Log in to your dashboard

Find the loan repayment, then click it.

You’ll be offered deferred ways to repay the loan

Click on the link and pay

When you pay, it will show on your dashboard. If it is not, you need to get in touch with them.

What happens If I fail to pay

If you do not pay you will be penalized with an increase in Yule interest rate. If you do not make any repayments at all, they could send defamatory messages to your contact , which can be humiliating.

Super loan app is it legit?

The app is legitimate they have provided loans to numerous people in Nigeria but they’re not licensed by CBN or insured by NDIC and you must exercise caution when using the app for loans.

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Our take on the Super Loan app

Super loan will definitely offer you loans in Nigeria. There are mixed reviews of both positive and negative reviews on the Play Store, as well as a high ratings. Reading through their reviews, some users have complained about the high interest rate and the glitches within the application.

Be cautious when they offer a loan to you. You may take a small loan initially to test the level of their competence.


Here is how you can apply for super loans they will give loans to individuals, but they only offer loans that you are sure you will pay back in order to avoid being I’m sure.

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