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Home Loan Review Kashkash Loan App: How To Apply, Download And Review

Kashkash Loan App: How To Apply, Download And Review

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Kash Kash loan app is all you need to know about this fantastic loan app that solves emergency needs and provides personal and business loan facilities. This loan app is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria, where you can borrow money in Nigeria. 

Kashkash Loan App

This app has fantastic features and benefits for first-time loan applicants and returning customers. They protect their customers’ information, have a low-interest rate, and a fast and reliable customer care service.

If you are looking for an online instant loan app without a guarantor or collateral security with a great repayment plan and a low-interest rate, look no further than Kashkash.

Below are essential things you need to know before applying for your first loan on the Kashkash loan platform. Frequent loan applicants sent messages to confirm that the KashKash company also owns some other loan apps on the Google play store, such as Easy Credit, so if KashKash declines your loan application, it is almost sure that Easy Credit loan app and other loan apps will reject your application.

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Kash Kash Loan App apk Download

KashKash loan can be easily downloaded on the Google Play store; go to the Google Play store on your Android phone, then on the search bar, type Kashkash, and wait for the search result. With over a million downloads, the first loan app you see is the KashKash.

You can also download the Kashkash app; download is expected to start immediately for those who cannot access the google play store on their phones.

How Do I Get A Loan From KashKash?

Below is the significant step before getting a loan from Kashkash.

  1. Install KashKash APP through Playstore or the link given above
  2. Register an account
  3. Fill out all your correct basic information and submit
  4. Apply online
  5. Receive your loan straight into your preferred bank account

KashKash Loan App For iPhone

There is no KashKash loan for iPhone users; it is only available for Android users.

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Kashkash Loan App Nigeria

KashKash is a registered financial company in Nigeria that grants instant loans online to Android users to settle pressing personal or business, or emergency needs. The company gives loans to applicants without collateral security or documentation.

How Reliable Is KashKash?

KashKash is a very reliable and authentic loan app in Nigeria. Several business owners and people had obtained a loan from the loan company. It is regarded as one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. Kashkash currently has over a million downloads on the Play Store, which means they are not part of those loan apps that charge applicants money before granting loan requests.

How do I get a loan, Kash?

KashKash gives loan applicants as low as 5 thousand nairas and as high as 200 thousand nairas; the amount you will be eligible for depends on your credit score. The credit score is calculated based on the loan applicant records with other loan companies, financidocumentsrds with your bank, and other loan apps you have on your phone. Kashkash loan app tenure is two weeks, regardless of the amount.

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Kashkash Loan App Interest Rate

With a minimum of 0.1% up to 1%

Origination Fee: Range from NGN 1,174 – to NGN 6,000 for a one-time charge

Annual interest rates from 36.5% to 300%.

This is probably the best interest rate in Nigeria compared to what other loan app charges their applicants.

Kashkash Loan App Requirement 

  • Nigeria Resident.
  • 18 years old or above
  • Monthly income source
  • Android Phone
  • Bank Verification Number
  • A registered SIM card

If you have further questions concerning Kashkash, kindly comment below or contact the official KashKash loan app customer mail address, office address, and cell lines.

Customer Service Email: help@kashkash.ng

kickass loan Customer care number: 09087614169, 09087614170

Kash Kash loan Address: Room 301, Jopebi Road No. 62, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

In conclusion, you must repay the KashKash loan as soon as possible, on or before the due date. A day after your due date attracts extra charges. They usually call contacts of defaulters or send WhatsApp messages to their contacts.

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