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Fast Money Loan In Nigeria

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All the necessary information and requirements that you need to meet up before you can for a quick loan on the Fast Money loan app. The Fast Money application is only available for Android users when filing this report.

You can download the Fast Money application on Google Play Store, and in a few minutes after registration, you should have received a credit alert of your stated money in your preferred bank account

fast money loan

Fast Money Loan Advantages

There are a lot of advantages that you will enjoy as a customer of Fast Money, and I will try to break them down for you just before you apply for a loan on the Fast Money platform.

Firstly, You can borrow up to 300 thousand nairas, which is high compared to other loan applications in which they do not go beyond 100 thousand nairas.

One good thing for loan applicants is that on Fast Money Loan, all applicants do not need to drop any form of collateral security before getting their preferred loan amount.

The interest rate of Fast Money is meager, which is more reason why over a million downloads on Google Play Store.

They allow loan applicants to pay on a very convenient day; the company policy on repayment is simply one of the best in Africa.

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The level of uptime and response to any issues from customers ranging from the loan application, repayment, or bank issues, is rapid, and the usage of the fast money loan application is safe when it comes to financial security on your debit card or other financial means of payment.

Fast Money Loan Steps

For you to experience the fast money loan special feeling is first to download the Fast Money application on Google Play Store and then fill in all your basic information such as name, address, phone number, and age. This step is crucial for you to get your loan; after registration with your basic information then, you will need to select the product that you wish to apply for.

The product you apply for will strongly determine the amount of money that Fast Money Loan will be willing to give you.

After you have successfully then the essential information and products, kindly note that only truthful information about the customers will result in the disbursement of the loan directly to the customer’s preferred bank account.

The loan amount will be sent directly to your bank account as selected during the registration process.

Fast Money Loan Products

There are different products that Fast Money Loan offers; these products are various amounts of money that you will need depending on your pressing needs.

The loan amount is from 5 thousand naira to 300 thousand naira; the repayment plan is also essential, which always depends on the amount of money selected.

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Most times, the repayment plan is between 65 and 100 days, meaning you can get a loan and pay it back within three months, which I think is fair enough.

If you apply for a loan of NGN 5000 and the term is 80 days, and the Loan interest is 30%. So our APR is 30%
So the daily Service fee rate=30%/365=0.082%, the Service fee for 80 days= is NGN 5000×30%/365×80=NG N329, and the due amount=NGN 5000+NGN 329=NGN 5,329.

Fast Money Loan Eligibility

For you to apply for any products under the Fast Money Loan then, you must be a resident of Nigeria, all loan products are for Nigerians and non-Nigerians, but the non-Nigerians must reside in Nigeria.

All loan applicants must be above 20 and not older than 55 when applying for the Fast Money Loan.

Fast Money Loan App Download

For those that have one or two problems concerning how to download the Fast Money Loan application, you can get it here and scroll down. You will see the download apk format. The Fast Money Loan application can only work on Android phones.

Fast Money Loan Reviews

Here are some reviews from the Google Play Store concerning the wellness of the Fast Money Loan applications on different Android phones and operating systems.

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Andrew Yoni said, “FAST MONEY has been great for me! It’s so easy to set up an account, and the money is in your account instantly! It saved me when money was tight. They have a truly wonderful customer service team as well. They are always super helpful and can resolve any issue you might have. They are also super nice and understanding if you must reschedule a payback date! This makes it great because if you borrow (like I do) when your check is going to be short, it gives you time to get back on your feet, so you don’t have to continue to borrow money frequently. Amazing service, and I recommend FASTMONEY to anyone and everyone who might need a little extra cash in a pinch!’

Elder Nuel said, “There is nothing FAST about this MONEY. I have applied for a loan for over two weeks now. They offered me 8k, but they refused to approve. I tried authorizing my card, but it kept saying, ‘The request failed.’ I called the number on the app, switched off. I tapped the Facebook icon on the app, but the page did not exist. Such a waste of time!

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