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Are you looking for how to download the money in minutes loan app the you are in the right place, read carefully below.

The Money In Minutes app is among our 25 top loans apps that are available in Nigeria. The platform is run through MIM Finance Company is a loan platform that originated from the UK and has an presence on three (3) continents, and Nigeria’s first Credit Membership which offers fast and inexpensive online loans.

The loans from Money in Minutes vary from N5,000 to N5m. Interest rates can go as low as 3percent.

The company code is MIM Finance Company has been providing businesses and individuals with financial assistance for more than two decades (20) years by its fast online loans and other business assistance.

With over $10 billion in loans over the past two decades In Minutes In Minutes is in a position to aid both businesses and individuals to expand. According to the organization: “Affordable and stress-free finance shouldn’t be for the privileged few but for ambitious and hardworking citizens that can demonstrate the ability to afford repayments.”

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Money In Minutes
Money In Minutes

Features Of Money In Minutes Online Loans

  • MIM provides loans that are quick from N25,000 to N2m with interest rates ranging from 4 and 30%.
  • Access to low-cost financing within a matter of seconds.
  • With this the flexibility it offers, there is something for everyone.
  • The platform is built upon solid credit scores and its wide range of products.
  • MIM rewards will keep giving through your account as premium members
  • MIM is more than just loans. It is designed to facilitate sustainable development and sustainability across Africa.
  • Combating poverty through providing an affordable and easily accessible source of finance.
  • Sustainability in energy represents the new future for Africa and it’s powering the energy that.
  • Lease, land, and Housing finance for sustainable community development.
  • Allows quick and cost-effective financing to help support your work or address urgent needs.

Categories of Money In Minutes Online Loans

1. Quick Loan

Need quick cash? Get access to up to N2,000,000 fast and easily!


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For an application for Cash In Minutes Quick Loan, click here

2. WageX Salary Advance

Allows you to access additional money until salary is paid. The salary advance program is designed to provide you with access to up to 80% of your monthly net salary.

To apply for an Money In Minutes WageX Salary Advance, CLICK HERE

3. Guarantor Loan

The Guarantor Loan is designed in order to make sure credit is available to everyone. It is our most personal product, as all decisions are in the context of trust and good relationship.

For an application for the Cash In Minutes Guarantor Loan, click here

Money In Minutes Does More Than Loans

MIM is more than loans. We are determined to facilitate the sustainable growth and development of Africa. MIM helps to combat poverty by providing easy and affordable financial services.

Sustainability in energy and power is the new norm for Africa and they are driving the energy that.

MIM offers Rent, Land and Housing finance to support the sustainable development of communities.

How To Apply For Money In Minutes Loan

Money in Minutes believes you should be able to access instant money when you need it. The company states: “Affordable and stress-free finance shouldn’t be for the privileged few but for ambitious and hardworking citizens that can demonstrate the ability to afford repayments.”

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You can begin the process of applying for a loan by;

Create your account
Choosing your desired loan
You can get money in just a few minutes into your bank account

What is it that makes you a Good Customer?

Log in to your membership account by filling out your registration and establishing your profile.

You can meet your goals and requirements and goals with a loan that is deposited to your account in a matter of just a few minutes.

Take control of your finances by making sure you pay your loan in time or before they expire to get even better benefits.

Is Moneyinminutes ng legit?

Are the claims of money in Minutes legit? Yes the company is an U.K founded money lending institution, with operation in several countries such as Nigeria as well as India. Since its founding, the company has paid out greater than 10 billion dollars to borrowers around the globe.


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