How do I get a loan from Okash

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Have you ever found yourself in a position in which you’re in need of money immediately and you don’t have a collateral? OKash is among the top cash-saving apps that provide instant loans to customers. In this article you will discover how to obtain an advance loan through OKash.

How Okash works?

OKash can be described as a micro-lending service that is operated through Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited. It provides its users access to loans with no collateral provided they meet the required requirements.

OKash offers loans 24 hours a day and the entire procedure is online. The loan amount you can avail is that range from NGN 3000 up to NGN 500 000. All you have be able to download is the mobile application then meet the required requirements and then submit your personal details.

After you have received confirmation that your OKash loan application is accepted, the amount the loan was requested is deposited into your account at the bank.

OKash credit requirements

If you’re an Nigerian and want to take out a loan with OKash, the OKash loans service, you need to meet all of these conditions:

  • A valid mobile number, through which you’ll get your verification number.
  • You will receive your National Identify (NIN), where your name and age will be verified
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN). This is used to verify your bank account details and make certain that you aren’t due to loan services or other loans.
  • An Nigerian bank account, through which you can be able to receive the amount of your loan
  • It is necessary to be in the ages between 20 and 55
  • The applicant for the loan must be able to provide a stable source of income per month
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If you don’t meet these qualifications, it is recommended to consider applying for these. If you’re eligible then proceed to the next step , and get the OKash loan application.

OKash mobile app download

The OKash loan application is only accessible to Android phones. If you’re using either an iOS or Windows device, you should consider purchasing the Android phone to get an OKash loan.

There is a way to run the OKash loan application straight from Google Play Store. It’s a small file of 13MB and more than one million downloaded. The current review score of 4.3 from more than 85,000 users.

Once the OKash loan app is successfully installed, you need to start it and create an account. Here’s how you can do it.

Okash loan app for Iphone

Okash loan app does not have an iphone application, all loan application can only be done on the website or the android enabled mobile application.

How do I create an account on OKash? OKash loan app

1. Register using your mobile number. You don’t have to create with a bank account, if you’re an existing member of Opay. Opay mobile bank wallet. Simply sign in using your Opay account information.

2. Accept the conditions for the OKash loan service. After you have given your consent an 6-digit verification number is sent to you mobile number in the form of an SMS. Enter the code to continue.

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3. Following that, make a security code. So, anyone who is able to steal your information cannot take out loans against your back. Create a 4-digit PIN and then enter it a second time to verify.

4. The OKash loan application will ask you to allow certain permissions. This includes the permission to access your contacts, as well as the location of your device. To grant permission click the authorize button that appears within your mobile.

When you do these actions in a correct manner and follow these steps correctly, you will be directed into your OKash Loan dashboard.

How do you submit an OKash loan using your Android device

  1. On on the OKash loans dashboard you can select the amount of loan you’d like to apply to.
  2. Enter your personal details, and bank details. Once you have completed this, you can complete the application.
  3. After submitting your information following the submission, you could be contacted by the OKash management. Don’t worry it’s just to confirm a few information.
  4. After a few days after a while, the outcome from your loan application should be displayed within the APP. When the loan has been approved you’ll also be notified by text.
  5. Confirm the loan contract after approval.
  6. After confirmation, the sum of the loan will then be transferred to your account at the banks.

What is the maximum amount you can take advantage of OKash? OKash credit service?

It is the OKash credit service suitable for quick loans that require no collateral. You can avail the minimum amount of N3,000 or the maximum amount of N500,000 through the OKash Mobile App.


OKash credit term for repayment

OKash has a flexible payment plan. As users, you can choose the repayment schedule of your preferences.

You are able to repay the loan in 3 (3) months (91 days) up to 12-months (365 days).

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OKash loan interest rate

It is worth noting that the OKash loan service is charged the an interest charge of 9.1 percent per three months. Here’s an example for more understanding of the structure.

If you take out a loan of N3,000 using OKash, the OKash mobile app, and you have set the repayment period for 3 month, then the:

  • The interest rate will be 9.1 percent
  • The interest amount will be N273.
  • The total amount due will be N3,237.

How to repay OKash cash loan

OKash process for loan repayment is very simple. On your dashboard, go to the page to repay your loan. Enter your account information and pay with a credit or debit card.

Where is Okash’s main office where is the head office of Okash?

OKash has a headquarters in Nigeria. In this office they oversee their OKash loan service as well as take care of customer problems.

The head office of the company is in Room 301 of Japaul House, Plot 8 Dr Nurudeen Obolowopopo Way, Central Business District, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

OKash Customer support, email and phone number

If you have any questions or complaints for complaints and questions, you can reach to OKash customer care via their email address or hotlines for customer support.

Customer care line: 08097755512, 08097755514

E-mail address: [email protected]

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