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Home Business How to start a daycare business in Nigeria

How to start a daycare business in Nigeria

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If you’re someone who loves to spend time with kids A daycare business could make the perfect fit for you. In this article you’ll learn how to begin your own daycare business without cash.

How to start a daycare business in Nigeria
How to start a daycare business in Nigeria

A daycare company in a nutshell

A daycare is a business which provides supervision and support for infants and children. The daycare typically operates in the morning, particularly during working hours that are normal, and when parents are working.

If you’re operating an enterprise that provides daycare services it is important to remember that you will not only be caring for children, but also engaging children in a variety of interactive or educational programs.

Is the daycare industry profitable?

Yes it is. Here are a few explanations for why daycare businesses are extremely profitable.

  • The product has a huge interest for it
  • There aren’t many daycare providers that are there are fewer or than no competition in your neighborhood.
  • Connections. You’ll get to meet many parents, even those with a lot of money. This means that you could be able to request favors in the future.
  • Parents consider their children to be valuable assets. That means they’ll invest whatever they can to ensure they’re happy. As a professional in daycare industry, this will mean more cash for you.

How do you begin a daycare company

Start by following these steps for starting your daycare business:

1. Do some background research

The daycare industry is mostly a local operation. So, your customer base is limited to the location the daycare is located.

Because of this it is important to place your daycare in the area that has sufficient potential customers. Do some research and collect enough details from your local area to determine if there’s an interest in daycare services.

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Through your research, you will be able to make the names of parents and guardians who require daycare for their children. It is also important to note what type of facilities parents are looking for.

2. Write a business plan for a daycare

No matter what type of business you’re planning to start regardless of the type of business you’re starting, it’s always helpful to have a plan for your business. This way, you’ll be able to establish reasonable goals for your company as well as choose the right structure of ownership for it as well as decide on the type of service you want to provide and which to avoid, and many more.

Your daycare’s business plan should include a objectives, mission statement, goals and objectives, as well as operations and staffing and an estimate of the budget. A business plan will keep you on the right track and makes sure you do not stray from your original goals.

3. Find a suitable site for your daycare business

If you’d like to run your daycare business from home, this decision isn’t something to be discussed too much. If you’d like to utilize an alternative location, you’ll need conduct some research.

Making an empty space

Many churches and small businesses in the local area, commercial centers and schools generally have space , and you can start your daycare business with a month-long payment.

There are no-cost spaces on the internet or in local newspapers, and in your local area.

Taking extra legal measures

If you’ve found a suitable site, start the process of licensing. Check out the zoning laws of your city and licensing rules. This will ensure that the place you select is in compliance with the established rules and rules.

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How do you choose a suitable site

A quality child care facility must include:

1. Child-friendly

You can’t site a daycare near a factory.

2. Centrally situated

It should be near the workplace of parents, and not at the edge of town.

3. Accessible and easily accessible

The daycare you run should be in a location that’s accessible to parents of all ages since they’re all located in various locations.

4. You can finance your daycare’s business

There’s no way to start a daycare company without having any money. There are a variety of ways to lower the overall cost of starting.

One is using your home (or some rooms within your home) to manage this daycare service. If you do that you’ll only have to spend money to license and register your company.

It is also recommended to make sure to invest in insurance policies since they’re essential for your profession. You could make use of your savings from your personal account or establish a partnership and require that each partner(s) participate in the fund.

There are also entrepreneurs, angel investors, and accelerators for businesses. Read our guide on how to obtain funding for your start-up business.

5. Register your daycare business

The next thing to make sure to make sure that you register your daycare with the appropriate authorities in your nation. While you are able to operate a daycare without having to register in advance, doing so is not recommended as it puts you in a disadvantage.

In the event that one or more of your children under your care passes away (due to your negligence, or other factors that are outside your control) parents could pursue legal actions against you. If the court requires the daycare provider to make a payment settlement and you are required to pay it, you have to do so regardless of whether it involves selling your personal property.

But, these things won’t happen if you have the business that is registered as an LLC. In the event of a disaster your company will be shut down (due to bankruptcy or bad debt). Your personal savings and property are not affected.

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6. Employ the right people

Based upon the scale of your company depending on the size of your business, you might need to employ other professionals for child care. Anyone with previous had experience as a nanny, or babysitter will be able to fill any as a part of a daycare company.

You must examine your employees carefully prior to hiring them. The daycare industry is a service-based business and its performance is heavily affected by the employees who work alongside your.

7. Promote your new daycare business

Spread the word that a brand new childcare facility is now within reach of every parent in the area. Print out posters and fliers and tell your family and family and friends about the new facility, go to potential customers in person and make use of local radio stations.

While not essential for local businesses such as the daycare however, you could also opt for digital. You can use social media to run ads , but they should be targeted to the area you are in. Keep in mind that your target audience are likely to be parents, therefore you must focus on people who are between 25 and the age of 45.


So far, everything is going well, we’ve shown you how to start an early childhood program with no funds. While there are a few things to consider but they’re not required. One of these are business insurance.Many insurance providers offer an business owner’s insurance (BOP), which provides the two major policies needed to protect the daycare you run. It covers general liability insurance as well as insurance for commercial properties.

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