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Home Banking Dataway POS Machine, Price, Daily Target & Withdraw Charges

Dataway POS Machine, Price, Daily Target & Withdraw Charges

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Dataway POS is one of the most quickly bought POS machines that are available in Nigeria. It is used mostly by entrepreneurs and traders due to its speedy transaction speed and easy method of applying it.

In this post, we’ll be discussing in detail how to acquire a Dataway POS machine, its cost, daily goal charge for withdrawals, and other things.

You shouldn’t be able to access anything, particularly if are you thinking about getting a POS machine.

Dataway POS machine, Price, daily target & withdraw charges
Dataway POS machine, Price, daily target & withdrawal charges

How To Get Dataway POS

Below are the requirements you must be able to meet before acquiring a Dataway POS.


  • It is essential to have a reliable data connection that can connect to Dataway’s Dataway app and website.
  • You must have installed the most recent version of the Dataway App.
  • You’ll require your N2,000, which will be used during the registration procedure.
  • In addition, to purchase a Dataway POS machine, you’ll have to pay N10,000, which is fully refundable and can be returned to you when you have returned the POS device is handed at the firm.
  • When you apply to use the POS machine To apply, you’ll need to present any type of identification that may be beneficial. It could be an ID card, Voter’s Card, or driver’s license.
  • A copy of the bill from the water or power supply company is required for verification of the address of your home.
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After we’ve discussed the prerequisites for obtaining the POS machine Let’s look at the steps to get the machine.

Step 1. Be A Registered Member

The first step towards getting Dataway POS Machine is by first becoming an active member. The question is how to sign up to receive the POS.

Register here. Fill in the form with the accurate information as failure to complete the form correctly could mean that you won’t obtain the machine. Once you’ve filled out the form with the correct information you’ll have to pay N2,000, which is non-refundable and can only be paid once time.

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The reason for you to pay the N2,000 fee is to prove your worthiness when seeking the POS service and other services you’ll get due to becoming a Dataway POS agent.

Therefore, it is important to know that this amount is not able to be paid using Flutterwave (an online payment platform) and also get coupons. To get your coupon, you have to reach out to any member registered to get this code on your behalf.

So, you’ve now been in a position to know the steps to sign up to receive the Dataway POS machine. Let’s move on to the next stage.

Step 2. Apply For Your POS Machine

The application process to an account on the Dataway POS machine is easy for those who are already registered. It’s not a long time in any way.

After you’ve registered after registering, you’ll be able to gain access to the Dashboard. On that Dashboard, you will be able to find an icon that will allow you to can apply it to your personal POS machine. Go ahead, tap it.

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Let’s go to the next part of this article: withdrawal Charges

Dataway POS Price

Dataway POS has a precautionary cost of N10,000 for its Mini-POS (only offered). The money will be reimbursed back to you when you have returned this POS machine.

Daily Target

Daily Target: When it is discovered that you’re not correctly using the POS and it will be taken away from you.

Withdrawal Charges

Dataway POS charges 0.6 percent for every transaction that is between N100 to N10,000. For transactions over N10,000, they’ll charge N100.

If the transaction exceeds N200,000, they will charge an amount of N1,000 per transaction.


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