N26 bank hotline, customer service, live chat & email address

Would you like to get in touch with N26 bank customer service? Do you need the N26 hotline for emergency phone call?

Find out the ways you, as a N26 customer can address your issues as soon as you are able, e.g.via telephone hotline, live chat or e-mail.

N26 Bank contacts

  • Website:
  • Address of the location Location address Bank GmbHKlosterstrasse 62 10179 Berlin
  • Hotline number: 030 364286880
  • e-mail address: 98******6e7@0***

N26 customer service

The N26 customer service is available via chat or email. They can also answer questions in the following five different languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Support is available for the following requests most often:

  • What is N26 ? Is my money secured there?
  • How do I create a checking account?
  • What are the fees of the N26 account?
  • How can I withdraw money or transfer money from N26?
  • How do contactless payments work?

Make a call to the N26 telephone hotline

The bank online can be reached by calling the following N26 bank hotline numbers:

  • For premium customers who have an N26 Metal account 030 364286880, or 030 364286880
  • Hotline for emergency assistance in blocking and unlocking cards: 030-76758333
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There is no universal telephone number that is universally available to all customers. Most issues are resolved by email or chat.


In the email, customers are able to inquire with N26 Support to contact them. If not the FAQ available found on their website provides answers to many of the questions asked regarding the following topics:

  • Account and Personal Information
  • Transfers, payments and withdrawals
  • Memberships and Account Types
  • App and product
  • cards
  • security

N26 customer support via chat or via email

Customers can communicate with N26 through the App or the WebApp or through the support pages available on To make this happen the user must install the most current version of the application.

On the web application, live chat is located in the lower right-hand corner. Support is available to customers every day, including on weekends beginning at 7:45 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

After logging in to the chat room, the user will be shown their position in the wait list. More than 600 employees from N26 are on hand to assist with customer queries.

The wait time for a typical customer is under 30 seconds to talk about your issues with a member staff.

In case you’ve got your Mastercard in hand, you’ll enjoy a speedy service via live chat.

Support can also be reached via N26 support by an email. You need to send via your email address that you have registered.

In this manner the bank is aware as the account’s holder, and employees are authorized to provide sensitive details.

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The email you receive will be able to describe the problem you need assistance with or whether you’d like to cancel your account. Also, you will receive the cancellation confirmation via email.

The N26 address is Contact Number N26 via mail

Important documents such as a complaint, or the completed and cancelled form address by mail:

  • N26 Bank GmbH
  • Klosterstrasse 62
  • 10179 Berlin

The bank will mail the confirmation of cancellation back via post. But closing an account this way will take more time than cancelling it through email. Contact support at N26 by the fax.

The bank’s online location is accessible via phone number fax 030364285082. It is possible to fax general correspondence to the bank, or request for a callback. However, N26 will not accept termination letters via sending them by fax.

If you wish to end your relationship with your bank, you have to write an email or letter or make the request via chat. chat.N26 social media assistance

Online, the N26 Bank is present on social mediachannels:

  • N26 on Facebook:
  • N26 bank on Twitter:

On Facebook, you can find general information regarding the products of the bank and other financial subjects.

Users can also get up-to-date information as well as links to support for customers on Twitter.

On-site support for N26

Direct bank N26 can be reached only by email or chat. N26 can be contacted via email or chat as well as by letters or faxes for customers with accounts.

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The bank has no branch locations. Also, there is no collaboration with other banks.

When they open an account, customers are provided with an account opening Mastercard debit card as well as An NFC compatible Maestro card.

Cash withdrawals using the Maestro card can only be made only in Germany and in the Netherlands as well as Austria.

Every withdrawal is 2 euros in charges. With the Mastercard the card, a set amount of cash withdrawals that are free each month is possible in Germany and in most countries of Europe.

There are no fees for ATM withdrawals. Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom, no fees are payable in exchange for ATM withdrawals.

N26 disruptions

Because N26 has become an online-only bank any disruptions typically affect login and transactions.

The bank posts information about the current state of interruptions on its website and on its social media channels.

If customer service is not available and the issue is critical then you may also contact us via fax or email and request a phone call. frequently asked questions You can contact N26 via N26 via email, chat or phone, as well as fax or by post. Yes, on 030 364286880



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