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Home Banking Zenith bank customer care number, whatsapp number & email address

Zenith bank customer care number, whatsapp number & email address

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Zenith Bank is one of the banks in Nigeria offering commercial banking and other related financial services to a wide range of customers. Due to the services rendered to customers and the need to have a unique system of solving the critical needs of their customers on time, Zenith Bank developed a standard customer care department. The department is saddled with the responsibilities of getting inquiries, feedback, and complaints and offering an immediate solution to customers’ needs. The bank’s customer service is available 24/7 with various channels of communication available.

A few years back, Zenith Bank launched a 24/7 Interactive Solution Centre known as Zenith Direct, designed to body effective and efficient banking services to customers. Below is a list of channels to reach Zenith Bank through Zenith Direct:

  • Through Phone Calls
  • Through Interactive Voice Response
  • Through Web Chat
  • Through Social Media
  • Through Email

How To Talk To Zenith Bank Customer Care Through Phone Calls

This is one of the most common means of communicating with customer agents, not only in Zenith Bank. The bank provided different phone lines for customers according to the services they render and in line with the customer’s needs. Below are the available lines to communicate with a Zenith Bank customer care representative:

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For Account Opening: To make inquiries on savings, current, and fixed accounts of Zenith Bank, customers are to use +234 1 2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK.

For Inquiries on Card Services: Customers who need to inquire about (Verve, MasterCard, VisaCard, etc.) should use this number +234 01 2781740, +234 01 2782273, or the Zenith Bank hotline 0700 ZENITHBANK.

For Internet Banking: Any inquiry on internet banking can make use of +234 1 2787000.

Inquires on Zenith Registrars Limited: Customers in this category of inquiry can use +234 1 2708930 4.

For Corporate Internet Banking: Customers inquiring about corporate internet banking services can call +234 1 2781543, +234 1 2784 56, +234 1 2781588, +234 1 2781568, +234 1 2787000.

Inquiries on Zenith Insurance Company:  Customers with questions relating to the insurance sector of Zenith Bank should make use of the following numbers in contacting them +234 1 2783411, +234 1 2783421, +234 1 2701004 5, +234 1 4613704.

For E-Business: Inquiries relating to e-products and services of the bank can be contacted through +234 1 2787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK.

For General Enquiries: Customers can call the line +234 1 2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK.

How To Contact Zenith Bank Customer Care Through Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This is an innovation that enables customers to carry out important banking transactions by dialing a number. The IVR gives an immediate response to the requests of customers.

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Services Rendered Through IVR 

  • Customers can use it to communicate with the Zenith Bank Customer service agent. To get this done, dial +234 1 2787000 and follow the prompts, which will require you to press 4.
  • To disable your number from the Zenith Bank service or restrict their accounts using your number in case of any threat. Dial +234 1 2787000 and press 1.
  • Customers can also pay for their DSTV/GOTV bills through the IVR provided they follow the instructions.
  • Also, through the IVR service, customers can request for a statement of account to be sent to their email.
  • Customers can buy airtime which will deduct the airtime value from the account linked with the number.

Note that the use of +234 1 2787000 attracts call charges on your mobile number, unlike the USSD code, which is free from call charges.

How To Contact The Customer Care Representative Through the Zenith Web Chat

The Zenith Web Chat is a chatting platform created on the Zenith Bank website to cater to inquiries and provide an immediate solution to customers. Customers are to visit the bank’s website at www.zenithbank.com or click here to get answers to the following related questions:

  • Opening of account, the process of documentation, and method of the bank’s operations.
  • Any foreign exchange-related inquiries.
  • Trade service-related inquiries.
  • Electronic banking products and services.
  • Inquiries on how to pay bills.
  • Inquiries on cheque confirmation.
  • Other customer service functions.
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Means of Reaching Zenith Bank Customer Care Through Social Media

Social media platforms are also mediums that the Zenith Bank customer service department gets complaints and inquiries from customers on products and services. Zenith Bank has a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

List Of Urls To Access Zenith Bank Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram: Customers can access them through https://www.instagram.com/zenithbankplc/ or click here.
  • Twitter: The Twitter handle is https://twitter.com/ZenithBank. You can also click here.
  • Facebook: Through Facebook, customers can reach Zenith Bank customer service through the Url – https://www.facebook.com/Zenithbank/ or click here.
  • YouTube: Through YouTube, customers can gain means of solving their problems from the various uploaded videos. Use the link https://www.youtube.com/user/ZenithDirect or click here.
  • LinkedIn: Through this platform, one can establish contact with Zenith Bank customer service through the URL https://ng.linkedin.com/company/zenith-bank-group or click here.
  • Whatsapp: With the Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant (ZIVA), the customer service system of the bank is expanded to Whatsapp. Here, a customer can quickly chat up the bank on any problem.

How To Use The Zenith Bank Whatsapp Customer Service Channel

  • Ensure you have a working android or ios phone and save the mobile number +234 7040004422 on the phone.
  • Download the WhatsApp application
  • Run your WhatApp setup and click on the message sign below the front page.
  • Select the Zenith bank Whatsapp number saved
  • Start typing your request or inquiries.

You can also achieve this using your Pc by clicking here to download and install the application.


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