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How to borrow money from access Bank without collateral

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So you want to know how to borrow money from an Access Bank without collateral or a salary account? In this post, I’ll show you how.

Access Bank is one of the banks that are reputable in Nigeria and has assisted many businesses and SMEs to grow their businesses.

They also have the responsibility of aiding individuals by offering personal loans to help with emergencies.

This guide will begin by introducing you to 4 kinds of loans you can get from Access Bank in Nigeria

Four ways you can get access to money

1. Creative Sector Loans

This is a CBN loan that has been created and developed to help business start-ups that can build capacity and create employment opportunities and job openings for companies in the fields of information technology, fashion, film and skit production, attribution music, art, and more.


  • Easy repayment plans
  • Possibility to realize your long-term business goals
  • You have access to the financial advisory services

How does it work

  • Prepare your business plan. Include how much you’d like to make in your plan.
  • Apply online for a creative sector loan via the Access Bank website
  • The bank will reach out to you for further discussions and will also strengthen the loan offer
  • The loan request is approved as well as your bank account will be debited.
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The interest rate can be as high as 9 percent per year, which includes all charges. The duration of repayment is 3 years for Software Engineering Students and 10 years for Film Production & Distribution, Fashion, Information Technology, and Music

2. Lending Against Turnover (LATO)

LATO is an easy way to take out loans for people who earn less than a salary however, they must have access for a minimum of six months.

The lending against turnover doesn’t require any paperwork or documentation from the applicants.

The maximum amount you can get with this type of loan can be a percentage of the monthly earnings for the past six months in a row, which is capped at 300,000 dollars. You will be able to determine your eligibility at the time of the process of applying for a loan, as it will be shown in front of you.

The used code that you can make this loan available for this loan from Access Bank can be found as *901*11*1#. The loan can be re-used after 90 days or three months.

3. Personal credit:

Access personal loans from banks are a type of loan designed to be used by salaried employees and other salary holders. It’s designed to help them meet their immediate needs by offering them a personal loan they need.

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Access personal loans from banks Features

  • Flexibility to meet the needs of each individual
  • Take out a loan amounting to 50% of your annual salary
  • To be repaid over 36 months
  • It comes with credit-life insurance (CLI)

Access Bank personal loan Requirements

  • The completed application form
  • A photocopy of your ID from your work card
  • Any valid identification method (national ID or voter’s ID card, for example)
  • A credit score of good
  • Accepted the offer letter and the term sheet

4. Access to bank Salary Advance:

Through the Access Bank salary advance loan employees are offered the opportunity to take out cash that is up to 200 percent of their monthly income and it can be used again within 6 months.

Access salary advance doesn’t need any documents or collateral. It is possible to apply for it from anywhere in Nigeria in the comfort of your home using the used number.

Access to bank salary loans Features

  • 24-hour loan service available 24 hours a day without the need to visit the bank. The application can be completed and submitted on your mobile phone using the USSD code : *901*11*1#. Or the Quick Bucks application.
  • In addition, you do not need any type of proof
  • Collateral is not necessary to obtain this loan.
  • The period for repayment is six (6) months
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How can I get money from Access Bank?

If you’re looking to take out a loan from Access Bank what can you do to accomplish it? What are the ways to get a loan this company offers in the event of need?

If there isn’t a bank app on your phone, I’ll recommend you download it right now. The app is available from Google Play as well as the iOS store.

After installation, take a break from the Access Bank app and then select the option of taking money out there.

Access Bank Loan Ussd code

Its Access Bank Nigeria loan Code is: *901*11*1#. The code is activated only by dialing the registered phone number by the bank.

When you have dialed the number and entered the code, follow the screen instructions to borrow cash from the Access Bank as they are simple to follow.

You may also the bank’s customer care service via their telephone number or WhatsApp number if you are unable to loan money using the application.

Their customer service team will be available to assist.


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