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Kuda bank USSD Code – to Check Balance, for Loan, Airtime Recharge, Open Account & Transfer

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looking for the fastest and easy way to carry out your financial transaction? Are you tired of using the kuda bank app to make transactions? Then worry not as Kuda bank now has the most easiest and convenient banking system through the use of Kuda bank USSD codes.

Kuda bank is an online banking system which has its head office located in London. The bank was established in 2016 but started operating in Nigeria in the year 2017. Kuda bank was founded by two great gentle men Babs Ogunday and Musty Mustapha, their official website is https://kuda.com.

Kuda bank is the first Nigeria online mobile-only banking platform officially licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The bank has a net worth of over $500 million and is fast growing. A lot of people are using kuda bank because of the convenient and easy banking platform its offers.

Kuda bank has simplified banking by allowing users to carry out all transactions, such as withdrawals, transfers, deposits, bill payments and a lot more, in your comfort and without the need to visit any physical bank. Most banks in Nigeria are in partnership with kuda bank which is why you can send money from almost every bank in Nigeria to a kuda bank account.

In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know to carry out a successful transaction with kuda bank using Kuda bank USSD codes.

How can I transfer money from kuda bank to another bank?

Kuda bank has made it easier to transfer money to other banks without visiting any physical bank. But before you start transacting with Kuda bank, you must have to register with them by downloading their app on play store, fill the necessary information, and upload the required documents such as passport, Bank Verification Number (BVN), ID card and phone number, they will use this phone number for subsequent verification.

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Below are how to transfer money from kuda bank to other banks using kuda bank USSD codes

How to top up my kuda bank account using Kuda bank USSD codes

Here this article will give you a step-by-step way how to add money to your Kuda bank account using the kuda bank USSD codes.

  • First is to open the kuda bank app on your smartphone and then choose “add money”.
  • Then select “add by USSD code” and input the amount you want to add.
  • After inputting the amount you want to add, choose the appropriate USSD code of the bank you want to use in sending the money to the kuda bank account
  • follow the steps and instructions that will display on your screen to complete the transaction.
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Note that you can also add or top up your Kuda bank account using your ATM card or direct cash deposit to the account, check below for a more detailed explanation.

How to transfer money from GT bank to Kuda bank account using GTB USSD code

Guaranty Trust bank (GTB) as one of kuda bank’s partners allows kuda bank customers to transfer money from any GT bank account to your Kuda bank account using their USSD code.

Below are the steps to follow to make a successful cash transfer from the GT bank account to a kuda bank account

  • To make a transfer from GTB dial *737*50*amount*416#
  • Enter your kuda bank account number
  • Confirm the transfer by inputting your GTB transfer pin and wait for a moment to complete

How to transfer money from First bank to Kuda bank using First bank USSD code

You can now make a transfer from your first bank or any other first bank account to your kuda bank account using first bank USSD code. To initiate and complete the transfer follow the below steps;

  • on your first bank registered sim, dial *894*amount*kuda bank account number#.
  • Options will appear on your screen for you to select the bank. Choose kuda bank.
  • Input your first bank transfer pin to complete your transfer.

How to transfer money from Zenith bank to Kuda bank account using Zenith USSD code

Zenith bank also offers you the opportunity to transfer money using their USSD code to kuda bank account. The steps to do so are stated below

  • the first step is to dial *966*amount*kuda bank account#
  • Select the option “other bank” and then more to see kuda bank.
  • Input your transfer pin to complete your transaction.
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How to send money to kuda bank using Wema bank USSD code

Kuda Bank USSD codes

Have you been wondering how to transfer money from Wema bank to kuda bank using the Wema bank USSD code? Then you are at the right place as this section of the article will provide you with the needed information to successfully make your transfer.

To transfer money from Wema bank to kuda bank account using the Wema bank USSD code follow the steps stated below.

  • On your registered Wema bank sim, dial *945#
  • Select “send money” and choose send to other banks.
  • Input your kuda bank account number and select next.
  • Choose Wema microfinance bank (MFB).
  • Then input your wema bank transfer pin to authenticate the transfer.

How to top up your kuda bank account using an ATM card

You can add money to your kuda bank account using your debit or credit card. Such transactions go through payment gateways such as Flutterwave, Paystack or Interswitch and they do charge a token for using their platform.

To qualify for a card top-up you must have to upgrade your kuda account. To upgrade, you need to submit your BVN and government-approved ID cards such as a National ID card, voter’s card, international passport or driver’s license.

This method of adding money to kuda bank has a transaction limit of N100,000 per top-up.

How to check kuda bank account balance using USSD code

Kuda bank has a means in which you can check your remaining balance. To check your kuda bank account balance dial *894# and follow the instructions displayed on your screen to successfully check your kuda bank account balance.


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