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Home Banking Kudi POS: Agent, App, Whatsapp Number, Charges 2022

Kudi POS: Agent, App, Whatsapp Number, Charges 2022

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Looking for firsthand information on how to get Kudi POS machine in Nigeria? Look no further as I will answer all your questions like Nomba pos charges, the machine price, daily target and customer care number.

Point-of-sale terminals from the moment they were introduced within Nigeria has seen an enormous increase by the quantity of merchants providing their services in the country.

Furthermore, other companies, including commercial banks too have been offering these services in Nigeria.

Kudi POS
Kudi POS

About Kudi POS

Kudi provides financial services. They work together with banks that are commercial in Nigeria to offer services like insurance, savings, loans and other services to their customers.

In addition, they offer POS solutions in Nigeria which has become one of the most well recognized POS service providers in Nigeria as (Opay).

The company’s POS system makes it simple and simple payment of bills. transfer cash and carry out other tasks.

Kudi is also known as Nomba is among the well-known fintech startups firms that provide the services of online banks in Nigeria.

It was created to provide a simple and secure methods of sending money as well as payments of bills across the country.

In this article today’s article, we’ll examine how to acquire a Kudi POS device, its cost and withdrawal fees, and what it takes to join the ranks of an agent.

How can I become a Kudi POS and then become an agent?

Being an Kudi Point of Sale Agent doesn’t have to be a big deal. The first thing you need to take is to get an operating smartphone that is connected to the Internet and capable of connecting to the Nomba application.

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There are two ways to become an agent. You can become an Kudi POS agent by acquiring the machine for no cost, or by paying for an amount of 20,000 naira.

Get Kudi POS Machine for free

  • Download Kudi Kudi application on Google playstore for Android users, or Apple Playstore to I0S users.
  • After the app has been downloaded to your smartphone, simply open or open the application
  • Join with your personal number and connect your account with bank to Kudi application (Nomba)
  • Pay your bills through the app.Make sure to make use of the app regularly to pay your bills, such as electric bills, purchases of
    television time, airtime and other things
  • In approximately two weeks, there will be an email from Kudi regarding your eligibility to an opportunity to win a complimentary Kudi POS terminal

The payment of a cautionary fee

It is possible to purchase the pos machine through Kudi by paying a an additional fee of caution and then get it right away rather than waiting around for the easy means of obtaining it.

The cautionary charge is N20,000. This fee is charged to prospective agents to ensure that they ensure that the device is handled with care and ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. The payment of the cautionary fee doesn’t necessarily mean that you own or purchased the POS. It could be returned to you even if you’re not using it in the way you expected.

Follow the steps listed below to accomplish this:

  • Visit the Kudi branch closest to you, or call their customer service number.
  • Complete the form that was provided the form by your representative
  • You’ll have to pay an non-refundable cost of 20000 naira(#20,000) at the address
  • Your application will be reviewed and you’ll get the POS terminal immediately and as simple as that.
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Kudi POS Price

While it is true that the Kudi POS machine is obtained at no cost however, you’ll need to pay a an additional 20,000 naira security cost.

The reason you’re paying this fee is in order to ensure that you use the machine with extreme caution and attention. It is important to note that this charge is not refundable unless you return the POS to Nomba.


Before you are able to own an Kudi POS terminal on yourself, you’ll require the following prerequisites.

  • Valid ID card (e.g Voters card ID card, ID card from the National ID card)
  • Number BVN
  • Passport Photograph
  • Utility invoice (e.g power bill)

Kudi Charges for withdrawals from POS

Kudi transaction fees applicable to POS withdraws is as they are:

  • N100-N4,500 charges(N25)
  • Charges ranging from N4,501 up to N25,000 are (0.6 percent)
  • Between N25,001 and N500,000, charges are (N150)

Services for transactions available on Nomba POS

The following transactions can be made using a Nomba as well as Kudi POS Machine with or without ATM cards:

  • Withdrawals from cards or cards that are not cardless
  • TV subscriptions
  • Electricity (NEPA) bill payment
  • Data subscriptions
  • Subscriptions to airtime
  • The sale of data and airtime

Kudi contact number for customer service and the address

You can reach the company via any of the methods as listed below.
Address of the office;

In Nigeria, 19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

In United States, 1776 Sacremento St Apt 311 SAN Francisco CA 94109

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Phone Number: 01-888-5008
E-mail: 77******c5c@d***3.com

The reason Nomba POS Machine is the most efficient

  • Kudi is a highly solid financial
    institution in Nigeria.
  • As an agent for Kudi POS you will never be in debt. Kudi offers a backup financial service that is guaranteed to you.
  • Profit is immediately credited to you with every transaction you make using the Kudi application or POS.
  • Your money is stored in an area that is secure and protected by the so-called Kudi insurance. This means that you don’t have worry about losing the money you have worked so hard to earn.
  • The system kudi gathers and accumulates points when you make transactions with the POS. These points are later transformed into cash.

Does Kudi have an android-based the POS?

At the date of this article’s writing, Kudi or Nomba operates the traditional POS system and doesn’t appear to be running an android-based POS.

I’ll keep asking to find out if they’ve got android POS or no. I’ll update you once I get a new update.

Kudi POS Terms and Condition

Here are a few of the Kudi Agents at POS Terms and Conditions you should be aware of:.

  • Agents are required to make sure that the space they work in is secure and safe.
  • Cash (in cash) should not be stored in unsecured and unsafe locations or at outlets.
  • Cash withdrawals should only be made by the person who handles the cash or by a trusted staff member and should not be handled with carelessness


I hope that with this article that you will now have a better idea of the steps to take to become an effective
Kudi is a POS agent. They also own their own machine.

If there’s a concern you believe I’m not able to resolve in this piece If you have any questions, let me know.
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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