Supreme Grant Disbursement

Are you looking for information about supreme grant disbursement then you are on the right page with all the necessary information.

Are you in search of Supreme Family Entertainment International Initiative Grant Payment Date? Do you wish to apply for the grant offered by the NGO known by its acronym Supreme Family Entertainment Int’l Initiative? If you’ve said yes, then this article is for you.

Supreme Grant Disbursement
Supreme Grant Disbursement

I am delighted to inform you that the Supreme Family Entertainment International Initiative Grant Official Disbursement Date was announced. Anyone who has registered for the grand prize are hoping to arrive on the up side , as all arrangements to ensure the successful disbursement of funds have been put in place.

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Let’s first explain to you the main idea behind this. Supreme Family Entertainment International Initiative (SFEII) is an non-governmental, non-profit religious and non-political human rights organization which is registered to the Corporative Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with its registration number CC/IT/NO:103236.

This initiative aims at the poor within our society, as well as the young Nigerians. It is also focused on giving opportunities to the younger Nigerians across the country and elsewhere through its empowerment programs.

The purpose of this program is to bring hope to the disadvantaged , orphans widows and those in need through this grant program. Supreme Family Entertainment International Initiative Grant.


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The information we have received from an authentic source suggests that Central Bank of Nigerian (CBN) has directed SFEII to begin disbursement of funds to all individuals who have registered. The disbursement is expected to start at any point in the month.

The payout will work like this. The selected people will receive N300,000 every year for 6 years. What’s not to love? Take advantage of this chance to change your life to apply now for the award.


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