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Revival In Africa Foundation Grant 2022

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Are you looking for revival in Africa foundation grant 2022 then this article is form you all about revival in africa foundation.

Revival In Africa Foundation

In 2010 in 2010, the Africa Renewal Foundation was founded in the township of Capricorn. The community-based organization initially was focused on providing food for children by setting up the soup kitchen, and also preventing harmful behaviors like abuse by minors and substance abuse by exposing youths to sports and cross-cultural activities. After the property of the group was taken over by landlords who were private, the company fell victim to financial hardship and then was dissolved. In the year 2019 The Africa Renewal Foundation was revived under the name of The Africa Revival Foundation (ARF) and was registered as an Non-Profit Organization. It is now registered as a Non-Profit Organization. ARF continues to build on the community-based work that was initiated in 2010 and is also working towards an initiative in the legal field which aims at protecting refugees’ rights under the law.

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Revival In Africa Foundation Grant 2022
Revival In Africa Foundation Grant 2022

Revival In Africa Foundation Grant 2022

The details of revival in africa foundation grant is not yet out and as soon as it is out, we will post it here .

Revival In Africa Foundation Programs

  1. Food Kitchen in Capricorn

The Community Kitchen:

In conjunction with community leaders, ARF conducts a need and assets assessment to identify the community’s most vulnerable households in need of food support. The kitchen then connects existing local food systems by sourcing supplies in ways that support small traders, community gardens, and local farmers. ARF supplies food insecure individuals, particularly refugees and children, with healthy meals that improve immunity and nutritional status. ARF also connects with organizations to establish home and community gardens to support long-term food security. In addition to serving and growing food, ARF engages in community dialogues on nutrition and sustainable food security.

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2. Legal Assistance for Refugees

Increase community awareness of human rights and refugee and workers’ rights 

Provide equal and quality access to the justice system, particularly for refugees

Improve service delivery, community relations, and responsive governance 

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  1. Someone sent me a link to register for a grant being sponsor by Revival in African. please i want to know if there is any registration going on concerning the grant?

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