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OAUTHC School Of Nursing Cut Off Mark

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Are you looking for OAUTHC School Of Nursing Cut Off Mark then you are on the right page that will give you all the necessary information.

OAUTHC School Of Nursing Cut Off Mark
OAUTHC School Of Nursing Cut Off Mark

School of Health Information Management, OAUTHC School Of Nursing Cut Off Mark for all classes that are offered at the school has been announced by the school’s authority according to JAMB’s instructions. Before the school’s management and control in OAUTHC SHIM fix their minimum cut off point they must make sure that it is at par with the cut-off marks approved by JAMB for the current academic session. JAMB doesn’t fix the OAUTHC SHIM cut off mark however they (JAMB) fix an admission cut-off point each academic session that no school can lower than, that is for OAUTHC SHIM, they must not be below the maximum limit set for the fixing of cuts off points.

In this year’s academic period, JAMB fixed the general cut-off of the entire range of Public Health Colleges (Federal, State and Private) as 140. The reality is that Public Health Colleges are free to set their admissions minimum mark to be less than 140 or higher. For instance the cut-off threshold to be eligible for OAUTHC SHIM is 140 or over. This means that those who register OAUTHC SHIM as their preferred institution must score 140 or above to be able to purchase an OAUTHC SHIM Post UTME form and submit an application for admission to the program they choose to take. JMB’s job is to control and offer admission to applicants who have met the OAUTHC SHIM cut-off mark and have passed the post-UTME test.

Many times, applicants seeking admission are not sure what is the ideal JAMB scores for their course , which leads to questions such as?

I scored 154 on JAMB and I’m admitted into the OAUTHC SHIM?

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What scores do I need to be able to study Anesthesiology?

What is the OAUTHC SHIM cut off mark for the 2022/2023 academic session?

Some candidates who scored 173, 165 181, 190, and above want to know whether they’re qualified to pursue a degree in Science or Medicine and Surgery Pharmacy or any other course available in OAUTHC SHIM. Take note of the courses and cut off marks that are available today, you can determine on your own if you’re suitable for admission to OAUTHC SHIM. I will provide the OAUTHC approved SHIM course as well as the minimum cut-off mark for JAMB that you need to achieve to be eligible for post UTME admission at School of Health Information Management, OAUTH, Ile-Ife.

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When you’re looking for admission, make sure to remember that selecting OAUTHC SHIM as your 1st option of school in the course of your UTME application is the very first step in gaining admission as the school will be giving consideration to applicants who chose OAUTHC SHIM as their first selection of school before looking at other options if needed.

Candidates with a more JAMB score have a better chance of being accepted into OAUTHC SHIM even though all candidates scoring 140 and above have equal chance to take Post UTME. Post UTME because after calculating their cumulative score, or weighted average the candidates who score greater JAMB scores are more likely to get higher marks due to their UTME scores. This gives them an edge in calculating their average cutoff score over those who have low UTME scores. Therefore, it is recommended that you do all that is possible to score high on the JAMB as well as Post-UTME tests to increase your chances of completing your chosen course.

With the information above you have at your disposal I can guarantee you that you’ll gain admission to OAUTHC SHIM with ease. Many applicants fail to recognize the fact that a lower JAMB score will lower their chances even if they are as being from groups of Educationally Less Developed States.

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OAUTHC SHIM cut off mark is very low which means that it is simple to get up to 140 in the JAMB test, which is not as easy as other private and Federal Schools that are the same like OAUTHC SHIM who still have their cut-off mark minimum over 140.

Below, I have listed all courses that are offered at OAUTHC SHIM as well as OAUTHC SHIM JAMB cut off mark in tabular format to ensure proper comprehension by first-time students as well as candidates who have taken JAMB before.


Community Health Officers’ Training140 and Above
Residency Training140 and Above
Darkroom Technician140 and Above
Health Information Management140 and Above
Medical Laboratory Technology140 and Above
Midwifery140 and Above
Nursing140 and Above
Perioperative Nursing140 and Above
Post Basic General Nursing140 and Above

The table above is merely a way to clear the confusion for potential candidates who are unsure whether they’re eligible to participate in the OAUTHC SHIM post UTME screening exercise solely because they failed to score in JAMB (140 or above). This means that you are able to take part in the the OAUTHC SHIM Post UTME provided you score at or above 140 or more, this is currently OAUTHC SHIM cut off mark for all courses.

I hope that this information in pertains to OAUTHC SHIM cut off mark for the academic session 2022/2023 is clear? You are welcome to contact me using the comments section.

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