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Home Banking Parallex Bank: Code, Loan, Owner, POS, Career, Download App

Parallex Bank: Code, Loan, Owner, POS, Career, Download App

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Are you looking for Parallex Bank: Code, Loan, Owner, POS, Career, Download App then you are on the right article with all the necessary information.

It was initially founded as an Microfinance Bank in 2008, Parallex Bank is the first of its kind to transform into a fully operational commercial banking institution within Nigeria. It provides mobile, internet, business, and personal financial services in addition to. In this article we’ve outlined everything you should be aware of Parallex Bank.

Parallex Bank: Code, Loan, Owner, POS, Career, Download App
Parallex Bank: Code, Loan, Owner, POS, Career, Download App

Fact About Parallex Bank

  • 2008: Started as a Microfinance Bank.
  • 2020 As a corporation, it is an LLC.
  • December 2022 Transition completed from Microfinance bank to Commercial banking.
  • Parallex Bank officially launched commercial banking operations on Thursday, January 14 2022..

Parallex Internet Banking

Internet banking, sometimes referred to as online banking or web banking lets clients of a bank to login to their accounts and perform transactions through internet browsers.

Parallex Bank also offers internet banking to all of its customers. When you sign up for an account with them and then sign up for online banking, you’ll have the login information and will be able to perform transactions via the internet.

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Registration for Parallex Internet Banking

To sign to sign up to sign up for Parallex internet banking, you must contact their customer service (details are below) in person or go to a branch of the bank.

Login to Parallex’s internet banking

After you have created a profile for your account through the online bank portal, then you will be able to access your account on this page.

Mobile banking with Parallex

To offer the most convenient bank experience possible, Parallex Bank offers mobile and digital banking for its customers. Customers can download parallex mobile to download the Parallex Mobile app to enjoy quick financial services when you are on the move.

How do I download this app? Parallex Bank Mobile app


It is possible to download the install it. Parallex mobile app via the Google Play Store. It is a tiny size of 20MB and more than 50k downloads. It has a current rating of 3.4 from more than 300 users.


If your device is an iOS device You are able to download as well as install Parallex Mobile App. Parallex Mobile app via the Apple App Store.

Parallex USSD Banking

At the date of this article’s writing, Parallex Bank is yet to establish the USSD number for their banking services. However, in between, however, they are able to utilize their mobile banking and online banking services.

Parallex Bank customer care

For any concerns or questions for complaints or questions, you can always reach Parallex Bank. They have customer support representatives who can assist your needs.

Customer care numbers

  • 0700 727 25539
  • 017002600


Parallex Bank head office address

Parallex Bank has a head office in which they oversee the banking services they provide. It is also possible to visit the office in case there are any issues. It’s located at Plot 1261 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Parallex Bank financial products, accounts and services

Savings Account

Parallex Savings Account enables customers to achieve financial independence with the best rates. This account is ideal for everyone who earns a salary youngsters, teens, and everyone who isn’t an avid spender.

account features

  • Free Delivery and issuance of a debit card
  • Ten free withdrawals per month per ATM any ATM
  • 5 free interbank transfers daily
  • Debit Verve Card is included
  • Costs are transparent and 100% accurate.
  • The high interest rate on savings targets
  • Divide warrants and cheques can be deposited directly into your account.

Current account

Parallex Bank Current Account claims to bring clients’ financial goals into the real world. Customers can select from traditional, platinum, gold or salary-based accounts.

Customers also be able to use electronic transfers, reconciliation of accounts as well as online financial assistance. Online feedback and electronic statements are also accessible.

account features

  • Access loans of up to N10 million
  • Ten free withdrawals per month per ATM any ATM
  • Free Delivery and issuance of debit cards
  • 5 free interbank transfers daily
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Real-time Spending Overview
  • Divide warrants and cheques can be deposited directly into your account.

Fixed Deposit Account

Parallex Fixed Deposits offer those who are interested the opportunity to keep their money in reserve for a period of time while increasing it. You can cash out the interest at the expiration date or choose to invest it in another investment.

Fixed deposit features

  • Return on investment guaranteed
  • Rates that are competitive and negotiated
  • The interest is paid in full at the time of maturity
  • Auto-renewal after completion
  • Earn money while saving
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Debit Card

Another product that is a financial one of Parallex bank includes The Verve Debit Card. The card provides customers with access to funds 24/7 and card transactions globally and locally. It is connected with your account at a bank, and you are able to use it for transactions online as well as at physical stores.

Credit card features

  • Secure chip technology and PIN technology
  • Accepted across the world.
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Transfer of funds to ATM
  • Payment of bills
  • Airtime top up

Parallex Bank loans (N10,000,000)

Every Parallex Bank customers can apply for and receive personal loans the amount of N10 million, so they’re qualified. This includes payday advances or tuition loans as well as other loans for consumers.

How do I make an application for Parallex Bank loans

As per the directions on their website In accordance with their website’s instructions, according to their website, all Parallex Bank customers can apply for consumer loans once they are able to open and make transactions on their Parallex Mobile App.

You could make an application for loans at their address. If you encounter any issues when applying via the mobile app or website, you can reach Parallex support.

Parallex Bank website

Parallex Bank has a website which allows you to browse through the complete information on the internet and find out more about their offerings. The site can be found at Parallexbank.com.

Parallex Bank Swift Code information

An SWIFT code is string of either 8 or 11 numbers that represent branches of banks. You’ll require one to transfer money internationally.

Bank NameParallex Bank Limited
Bank AddressPlot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Parallex Bank branch locations

If you’re trying find the nearest Parallex Bank office, you needn’t be worried. All you need to do is reach out to Parallex support and ask them for instructions to locate the branch closest to your address.

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