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Soft Naira Loan App: Interest Rate, Is It Legit, And How To Apply

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A soft naira loan can give you a loan for your infant the state of Nigeria without the need for collateral or documents. It is not necessary to go to any location, and with only your mobile and BVN you can get the loan. With the Soft Naira loan, you can get loans up to $200,000.

The requirements to get a loan from a soft loan in Nigeria

Below are the conditions you have to comply with before you are able to get a loans from soft naira.

Do you have a back-up account? BVN

Are you able to earn a living?

You must be over 18 years old

Have a good credit score.

You cannot have been in default on any loan in the past.

A smart phone that allows you to download the application

soft naira loan app

How do I make an application for Softnaira loan

First, go to the play store and install the app.

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Start it, and then sign in using your name and other information.

If you are asked to sign your BVN and you must do this.

You’ll be asked to tie your ATM card, which could result in a 30 dollars in fee. You must do this.

After registering, you will then be logged in to your dashboard

You will also see the what amount of loan you’re qualified to receive.

Select this loan and then sit back to wait for the disbursement

It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, if all is in order.

How much can you loan from a loan of soft naira

With a loan that is soft, you could get as much as $200,000 but as a first-time borrower, the loan won’t exceed this amount but will range from $10,000 and $30,000 until you prove you are a responsible person by taking out a loan and then making payments on a regular basis.

Interest rate for loans with a soft naira and repayment time

The interest rate for a soft naira loan ranges from 10% to 25% based on the amount loaned obtained along with the credit scores of the loanee.

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The time frame for repayment ranges from 7 days and 90 days. also dependent on the amount of the loan secured.

If you are a first-time borrower, the interest rate is high , and the repayment time will be very short. However, this will get better as you continue to use the loans through the application.


Paying back the loan in a soft Naira loan

You can repay the loan by ATM card or request the account number and transfer funds to it. If you are making a transfer, ensure that you have the accurate account number. To prevent stories that could be a touch.

Log in to the dashboard

Click on the loan repayment and then locate it. the loan repayment

You will find a an alternative method to repay

Make a payment by clicking on one of them.

After you have made your payment, it will be reflected on your dashboard

What happens If I fail to pay

Soft naira loan is brand new. They don’t make defamatory texts to defaulters’ contacts yet, but we do not know if they’ll do it.

If you fail to pay, the bank will increase the interest rate. Also, in the event that you choose not to pay any time soon, they will forward the name of you, BVN and other details to the credit bureau for a black listing , meaning that you are not eligible to get a loan within Nigeria until you have paid off your obligation.

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Is Softnaira loan legit

The loan app is legitimate,. they offer loans to those who reside in Nigeria however, they don’t have authorized by CBN so be careful when you take a loan from them

Our verdict on Softnaira loan

Softnaira loan is legitimate It has a positive reviews on Play Store and an excellent rating, which indicates they’re doing things right. Because they’re new, I suggest you be careful when borrowing money through the application.


Soft naira loans actually provide the loan to people, but because they’re not licensed by CBN It is recommended to exercise precautions, and do not get more than you are able to repay to avoid stories that are a touch, and be aware that if something goes wrong, it could require time to allow CBN to intervene.

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