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How To Report Loan App In Nigeria: The Easy Ways

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We are praising God for the availability of numerous loan apps in Nigeria which gives us the ability to access credit easily, another issue has arisen that loan apps have become being smashed to pieces. A lot of people are struggling in the present due to the blackmailing of these loans apps.

If you do not pay up for one day, they will send a defamatory message to your contacts. It could be something like this

Certain loans apps are a complete scam they’ll require users to pay a service fee before they can get access to the loan. after which they won’t transfer the loan, nor will they pay the fee for service.

Many have experienced enough of these loans apps however the issue is that they do not have funds to bring those credit apps to court. This is no longer an issue since there are ways to make them reportable without spending even a cent.

How do I report a loan app in Nigeria

Provide information to Google Play Store

Nearly all of these loans apps are on the play store which is great since play store comes with terms and conditions, should the app behave in a way that isn’t right, you are able to report it and if a lot of people report, the app could be taken off from the play store.

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To do that, look for the app’s name in the play store.

Below it, locate the report button and click it.

Ensure you let out the bag

If there are numerous negative reviews about this app In no time this app could be removed from the Play Store

Report to CBN
All financial institutions in Nigeria is under the control of CBN They can block every financial institution’s its operations, which includes loans apps. Before presenting your application to CBN be sure to have evidence

To submit your information CBN, report To CBN follow the steps below.

Your complaint should be precise and concise, so that there is no confusion. It should be clear and concise. Complaint (letter) (petition) should include among others:

* Name, Address, Contact Phone Number & E-mail of the Complainant;
* Name of the Financial Institution;
* Personal bank details (Do not Include PIN & Passwords, please;)
* The date and the history of the dispute
* Amount that is claimed (if there is any);
Attach the relevant documents to back up your claim.
* Evidence to prove that you first made the complaint with the time of your letter

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Complaints to Consumer Protection Department

It is only possible to refer your complaint to CPD in the event of the failure by your Bank/Financial Institution to resolve your complaint within the two week timeframe provided to you by CBN.

Contacting Consumer Protection Department

Contact the CPD via the channels listed below:
E-mail: 63******289@c***1.com
Letter: Director, Consumer Protection Department
Central Business District, Abuja

The letter of complaint should be sent to the director of Consumer Protection Department. Your letter is available to the CBN Head Office or at each or all of the Central Bank of Nigeria branches that are located across the country.
Does the CPD Take Care of all types of Complaints?

The CBN handles all financial related complaints in so in the sense that it deals with Financial Institutions within its regulatory area of responsibility. How to Write an Effective Complaints Letter

How can you get your name removed from the CBN blacklist

Each time a loan is transferred between loans apps or a bank to a recipient, it’s monitor through the CBN. If you fail to pay your loan, BVN and other details will be reported into the credit bureau for blacklisting which means that no loan or banking app will provide you with a loan in Nigeria.

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After you’ve paid off your debts the majority of loans apps do not update their list of loans, so to fix this issue, you can choose between two options

Contact your loan company and request that they update the list. If they do not agree, inform them that you’ll report them to CBN and they will consider you serious.

Contacts Credit Bureau
Contact your lender and ask for a the clearance certificate. After you receive it, contact the credit bureau and provide the clearance document with your information.


While many loans apps and banks say they provide loans to individuals who have no collateral. However, this isn’t the case. your contacts are the collateral. If you fail to pay, they’ll send a derogatory texts to them, informing them they are fraudsters and this could allow your contacts to help you pay for the loan.

The ideal solution to this issue is to get a loan you are confident you will repay back.

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