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Home Loan UBA No Wahala Loan Code: How To Apply For Uba Loan

UBA No Wahala Loan Code: How To Apply For Uba Loan

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UBA bank is among the banks that offer loans to those in Nigeria If you have a UBA bank account for more than six months you can take out a loan. Through the UBA no wahala loans, you could get a loan of up to $500,000.

What exactly is UBA no Wahala loan?

UBA no wahala loans is a currency derived taken from Yoruba words, which is a reference to no problems, it is a personal loan that UBA launches during the Covid-19 pandemic. Its primary goal is to help people recover their financial capabilities.

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Conditions to be met to apply for UBA no wahala loans

The conditions are

You need to have an account with UBA that lasts for 6 months

It is best to work for a reputable organization

You cannot have been in default on any loan before

You must have a high credit score

Letter of offer to employees, which will show that you are making money

What amount can you get from UBA with no Wahala loan codes

You can obtain up to $500,000 without collateral, and up to $10 million with collateral. The amount you are eligible for is contingent on your credit score. If your score is high and you make a lot of transactions with your account. You will be eligible for a high loan.

How do I apply for a UBA no-wahala (personal) loan

To apply for this loan, go to the Uba bank close to your home and request a personal loan. You will be handed a paper to fill in, and then the account is debited.

You could also make use of the UBA mobile application, however, the amount of loans you can get through the app is less. You can download the app through the play store for Android users or from the apps store available for iPhone users.

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UBA used loan no wahala code

Another method of requesting the Uba loan without a wahala is to dial the USSD code to your mobile It’s quick and easy. You will not have to go to any bank. Be aware that the amount you receive is smaller in comparison to the amount you receive from a bank. The UBA no-wahala loan USSD code is 919*28#

Rate of interest for UBA zero wahala loan

The rate of interest is 5 to 25% based on the duration of repayment along with the sum of the loan The repayment term can be from 1 month and 12 months. also depending on the credit score.

Paying back your loan

There is no need to fret about repaying the loan simply ensure that you have the loan balance in your account at the bank and it will be taken out when the due date has passed.

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What happens if do not pay back the loan

If you are in default, you will be informed of an increase in the loan interest rates. If you do not repay the loan, your name and BVN along with other data will be placed on added to the blacklist of the credit bureau, which means you won’t be able to get credit within Nigeria until you pay off your debt.

What I love most about UBA No Wahala (personal) loan

  • It’s very quick
  • There is no stress in paying back

What I dislike about UBA no Wahala loan

  • You will need their account for at least six months
  • The rate of interest on loans is higher than the loan interest rate.


UBA no wahala loan is among the most convenient loan products from UBA bank. You don’t have to travel to the bank, using your smartphone you can access the loan by using the used code *919*28#.

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