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Home Loan Fidelity Loan USSD Code: How To Get A Loan From Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Loan USSD Code: How To Get A Loan From Fidelity Bank

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Fidelity Bank is one of the banks that provide loans on behalf of their customer. They offer a deferred loan product designed for different segments of their more than 5 million customers. You can obtain a quick and simple loan with no collateral or paperwork by using the company and also obtain a large loan like ma ortgmortgagen.

This article will discuss Fidelity loans, and how you can obtain a loan from them and we won’t stop there. You’ll also find out their requirements and the different kinds of loans they offer, and many more.

The requirements for a Fidelity loan

Before you can apply for a loan from Fidelity Bank, there are a few conditions you must comply with. These requirements are

Have a great credit score

You cannot have been in default on any loan before

You must be from Nigeria resident of Nigeria

You must be at least 21 years old

You must have a valid method for identification

To get a salary loan, you have to have a salary account with Fidelity Bank.

The types of loans offered by Fidelity Bank

There are various loan products that you can obtain from fidelity bank. They are

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A payday loan from Fidelity

Payday loans are aimed at those who earn a salary and are employed in a well-known company before obtaining the loan, you must have a salary account at Fidelity Bank for at least six months.

The amount you will receive here is contingent on the amount that you’re receiving every month.

Personal loan

As the name suggests, the loan is targeted towards people who require cash to meet an urgent demand, as it’s urgent, the amount available here is not huge and the time to pay back is also small, however, the payout is quick.

Fidelity NYSC loan

The loan is designed specifically for serving coppers. It’s similar to a personal loan however it is directed at those that are serving currently and have their alone accounts in Fidelity Bank.

POT is a point-of-transaction loan (POT)

Another loan was offered by Fidelity. It will help you finish the transaction. For instance, if you might need to purchase something or a service that is worth 1,000 dollars using your ATM card. However, if the amount you have in your account is 800, you could get a POT loan to fund the purchase.

Migo loan

As with many banks, Fidelity banks are also working in partnership with migo loan. You can dial *561# from the sim that is connected to your Fidelity Bank account to get access to the Migo loan.

The period for repayment is 30 days, and the amount of the loan you get will be contingent on the amount that is deposited and taken out of your monthly hourly accounts.

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Fidelity Easy Asset Leasing Scheme (FEALS)

This loan is designed for those who want to purchase assets like laptops, generators, or other household appliances.

The loan is simple to obtain by walking to any branch of the bank in your area and requesting it. The payback time is in months, while the rates of interest are based on the cost of the asset

Mortgage loan

With fidelity bank, you can apply for a home loan to purchase your dream home The repayment period is over several years while the rates are based on the price of the home.

Salary Advance scheme is an instantaneous Salary Advance scheme

Another credit from Fidelity Bank is targeted at those who earn a salary. With this kind of loan, you’ll get 50 percent of the income as a loan, so suppose you earn 100,000 per month. The amount of loan you could get is #50,000.

The rate of interest is based on the loan, however,r you will have to pay back the loan within a month. The amount will be deducted automatically when you get your pay

Credit card from Fidelity Bank

Fidelity also joined the group of banks offering credit cards to Nigeria You can use this card to purchase goods and services with no penny to your credit card.

It’s similar to an overdraft, once you get money, everything your possessions will be taken out.

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How do you apply for a Fidelity loan

To apply for a Fidelity loan, follow the following procedure.
There are two ways to request a loan by the kind of loan you’d like to get,

For online loans, such as

Personal loan
Salary loan
Payday loan
Migo loan

You can make an application through your phone by dialing the Fidelity credit card USSD number that can be found as (*770*08#). You can also contact them via message on WhatsApp at 09030000302


To get a large loan, you have to go to the Fidelity branch nearest to you and request the loan you wish to get.

How long will it take to obtain the loan you need from Fidelity Bank?

If it’s a loan you can use the used code to obtain, credit, and you’ll be credited in less than 30 minutes, however in the case of a big loan that requires you to visit their bank’s breach, it could take a few days.

Contacts with the Fidelity bank

Address: 2, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone number: 0700 343 35489

Website: www.fidelitybank.ng

Email: 83******835@f***5.com

FidelBankbank uto sed code for Koan

The Fidelity bank loan number is (*770*08#) Once you dial it, you’ll discover different loan types that you could apply for.


This article will show you how to obtain the loan you need from Fidelity Bank If you go through the information you’ll see how easy it is to get a loan through Fidelity. While it’s simple to get a loan, I’d advise you to get a loan in which you can playback.

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