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FCMB Loan Code: How To Get Loan From FCMB

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Fcmb is among the banks that provide a straightforward loan to customers in Nigeria. They provide both business and personal loans and, as you can imagine, most of these loans come with no any collateral or paperwork There is no need to open a bank account before you can access the loan however you need to be in their service for at minimum 6 months.

You are probably aware FCMB loans which is the reason you click the link in this article. What you need to be aware of will be the FCMB loan code. This is precisely the reason behind this article, in addition to that we’ll be showing you how to obtain a credit from FCMB along with other important information that you must be aware of.

Different types of FCMB loan

Before you can get loans, you must understand the kind of loan you’re applying for. Fcmb offers a variety of loan products specifically designed for deferred customers. Certain such loans

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The FCMB fast cash loan

This product is designed for those who require a loan in a hurry. The fast cash loan doesn’t require collateral or papers by simply dialing a code from your mobile and you’ll receive the loan.

You can avail up to #200,000 from the product. Its interest rates are 3.5 percent and the repayment time can be 30 days.

The most intriguing aspect about FCMB speedy cash advance is that those who have an account with FCMB as well as those with no account with them are able to access the loan, however you need to have an account with a salary.

To obtain a FCMB fast cash loan , dial the number *329*11#. follow the prompts

Salary of Fcmb plus Loan

The loan product is targeted for those earning a salary who have an accounts with FCMB. If you’re in need of cash and your salary isn’t due, you are eligible for this loan, but you must have an account with FCMB and work for an established company.

Premium salary loan

This loan is available to those working in a big and reliable company. The business must have rates at MOODY’S, with an BBB range.

A premium salary is an enormous loan for those who qualify for this loan , you can receive up to $2,000,000 in loan with no collateral. The repayment period is 60 months.

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Fcmb auto loan

Another fcmb loan specifically designed for people who want to purchase a car but have little money.

With the help of fcmb auto loans, you can purchase a Tokumbo car or purchase a new vehicle from the fcmb-approved supplier. You must however offer at minimum 30% of your vehicle’s value to show the seriousness of your application.

Credit card Fcmb

I’m sure you’re not aware about this. Similar to what we see in the USA FCMB provide credit cards to customers that they can use to purchase items from any location.

The funds will be paid to you at a later time and is a kind of overdraft. Your next question is how do you get the credit card.

Register and log in to FCMB website

In your dashboard, locate your dashboard and then select ” loan and credit card”

Click on the *credit card”

You will get a prompt at which you’ll be asked to enter your information.

Then, click on “Apply now”

Fcmb loan code and the way to apply for a loan through Fcmb

There are a variety of routes you can apply for an installment credit from FCMB and these are

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The loan code

Do you require personal loans from FCMB, like payday loan and fast cash loan, dial *329*11#, and then follow the prompts


If the loan you are applying for falls under high loan categories such as credit card, you’ll need to go to their website and apply for a credit card.

Big bank branch or loan

For a large loan, such as an business or auto loans You must visit the branch of their bank, inquire about the loan. They will give you the best advice on how to do.


Below is the FCMB loan code, and the procedure to apply for a loan through them. While there are many loans available, I would advise you to be aware of the process prior to applying for a loan. You will are able to pay back the loan.

Consider asking yourself the following questions: what are you hoping to make use of the loan? Do you have the option of not taking the loan?

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