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Home Loan Fairmoney Ussd Code: Interest Rate, How To Apply

Fairmoney Ussd Code: Interest Rate, How To Apply

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Are you looking for fair money used code then you are on the right page that will provide you with all the necessary information about fair money used code.

FairMoney Loan is among the most trusted loan apps in Nigeria They do not require collateral or even paper use only your mobile so BVN can secure the loan. With the Fairmoney app, you can avail up to $1 million at one time.

The requirements to get a Fairmoney loan

Here are the requirements you have to comply with before you can secure a fair cash loan

Have a bank account as well as BVN

Have a source of income

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If you are a Nigerian and live in Nigeria

You should not have defaulted on a loan before

Have a good credit score

Also, be sure to have your smartphone with you can download the loan application

fairmoney ussd code

Fair money loan used code

How to apply for a fair money loan

First, go to the play store and download the Fairmoney loan application

Register using your name and any other information

You will be asked to provide your BVN to the BVN office, so do that and then proceed

After registration, you’ll be logged in to your dashboard

Find your dashboard loan option and click it. There you will be able to see the amount of loan you’re entitled to get

Click it and then wait for the payment to be made

If all goes well, you should get credit alerts within two hours.

Fair money Ussd loan code

Another option for applying for a Fairmoney loan is to use a used code. It is extremely quick and easy. You don’t need to download any apps, simply dial the code from your phone and make a request for a loan. Fairmoney loan’s used number is 556*15#.

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What is the maximum amount you can get through the Fairmoney Loan app

Fair money can provide up to $1m in loans without any collateral or paperwork. If you are a first-time borrower, you may not be able to get more than this amount however as you borrow from them and make payments regularly, the amount you receive will increase.

The interest rate on Fairmoney loans is based on the rate of inflation and repayment time

Fairmoney’s interest rates range from 5 – 25%, based on the size of the loan obtained along with the credit score. The period of repayment will dependent on the amount of loan obtained, it ranges between one month and six months.

Paying back your fair-money loan

You can repay the loan by ATM card or request the account number and transfer funds to it while making a transfer, ensure that you have the correct account number to avoid the possibility of a story that could touch

Is fair money legit

The loan app is genuine, numerous customers have received loans from the company that offers loans. The app for loan has been downloaded over 1 million times on the Play Store, with numerous positive reviews.

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Our opinion on the fair money app for loans

Fair money is a legitimate loan and they don’t send negative messages to their customers’ contacts, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pay your bank the loan if you do not and they forward your information to credit bureaus to be listed as black. That means you will not be able to get a loan within Nigeria until you pay off your loan.

What I love about fair money loans

  • There isn’t a processing fee or hidden costs
  • You can get up to $1m in loans
  • Their interest rates are less than the other
  • They offer loans to all and there is no distinction

What I dislike about it is the Fairmoney loan application

  • They offer a small loan to the first-timers.
  • First-timers will pay a higher rate of interest and a short period of repayment


Below is the procedure to submit an application to Fairmoney Loan using a used code, and also through the app even though the Fairmoney loan app isn’t strict, I’ll suggest you obtain a loan that you can repay to avoid embarrassment.

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