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Online Loan Sri Lanka: How To Apply

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Are you looking for online loan sri lanka then this article is for you with all the information about online loan sri lanka.

Online Loans in Sri Lanka

Financial stability is the base to a healthy and stable life for any. Everyone knows that in order to be financially stable, you must put in the effort and earn well. In addition, not everyone is successful. Loans online are available in Sri Lanka are designed to provide financial security during times of crisis. But, many are hesitant about taking fast loans and believe there is a misperception regarding this lending option.

If you are applying for an loan, one must only consider whether the reasons behind requesting the loan are reasonable. It is essential to include the price of the loan within your budget, and not exceed the amount. By taking a calculated method, a loan may help you in the long term.

The most widely-known option for credit is to use an established bank such as, BOC personal loans. However, In Sri Lanka, banks are not equally distributed across the country. Therefore, in the pastoral areas, people are forced to spend many hours trying to reach the bank. Because of this, the precious time of customers is wasted in lines to get their work completed. Additionally, many people are hesitant to seek bank loans because they require to complete a long procedure of documentation.

When you are looking for online loans they are simple and fast. To be eligible for online loans, customers have to show only their identification card.

In this instance taking out online loans is more convenient than the bank loan.

How to Get Rs 60,000 Loan in Sri Lanka?

Presently, there’s an array of diverse professional financing options available in Sri Lanka. When looking into personal loans available in Sri Lanka, banks, Pawn shops, as well as online lending are listed as prominent lending financial institutions. In order to decide on which place to get 60,000 rupees to borrow in Sri Lanka, consider each one.


Banks are the top option for those seeking loans. Banks provide a vast array of individual loans, including appliances, tuition, and housing depending on the requirements of customers. However the process of applying for a bank loan requires a considerable amount of time, ranging from one to five days. Additionally, you have go to the bank’s branch in person. Banks were able to provide loans at attractive rates which attracted a lot of customers. However, today, the rates for private loans for individuals are in Sri Lanka are significantly increased. A majority of bank require that a person be a guarantee, or collateral in addition to the most extensive collection of documents.

Online Loan Sri Lanka
Online Loan Sri Lanka

Pawn shops

Pawn shops provide quick loans with the collateral of personal possessions. They usually accept jewellery and other items of similar value as Pawns.

Pawnbrokers can lend money immediately without credit checks. One of the major drawbacks of dealing with pawnbrokers is that their rates can be quite costly when you take out a loan. Pawn shops typically lend 25 percent to 60 percent of the collateral’s cost. If a client is expected to loan Rs 60,000 at a pawn shop it is recommended to think about your options in depth. Similar to bank loans they are also able to change the percentage of annual loans they offer. However it is true that the process of borrowing money from a pawn shop is extremely quick however, it is required to show a collateral to receive the cash. This is one of the main drawbacks to taking money from pawn shops. Furthermore in the event that the customer does not pay back by when due, Pawnbrokers have the right to dispose of the pawn, that is totally excessive.

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Online Loans

The online loans have become more sought-after each year, despite the fact that the rates are more expensive than in banks. There are numerous advantages that have led to customers choosing personal loans online instead of a traditional credit card from a bank.

A majority of the loan options available online that are available in Sri Lanka offer flexible loan amounts based on the requirements of your borrowing. Online lenders often offer sharp loans in the event of a crisis. If you search for personal loans online users can swiftly look over a variety of loan options regardless of where they may be. Perhaps, online lenders have the option of prequalification, which allows clients to make loan comparisons that do not harm the credit rating. Additionally the lower operational costs result in lower interest rates when applying for a personal loan online.

Online Loan Sri Lanka With CashX

How do you get a lucrative online loan?

If you have an access point to Internet and a credit card, you could get money in just an hour, not be tied to any location that is far from the world. We’ll explain the reason why this service is so well-known and how to make use of it properly.

What situations could an online loan be of help?

Here are some examples of real-world use:

  • You need money, but are away from your home (at the dacha or in a different city, or on vacation);
  • insufficient or delayed wages and a lack of money to cover everyday costs like food or travel;
  • You urgently require to purchase something or purchase an item, but there’s no time to leave home for money;
  • You must quickly get your credit score back on track (if you apply for an online loan , even in the stipulated amount, and term, this is already going to be a positive impact on your credit score);
  • your budget for the entire year is planned out, and you have all the money you have set aside (for an account at the bank) but then “extra” costs popped up.

In these instances the need for money will usually arise urgently. In addition, borrowing money from family or friends isn’t always feasible in time (and many people do not want to make the effort) It’s much more convenient to resolve the problem by obtaining the loan.

Where can I find the most simple and fastest way to apply for an online loan within Sri Lanka?

In general, the loan service is offered in reality exclusively by MFOs. Banks are able to avail this service only informally: you are able to apply on the site, but following it has been reviewed you’ll be referred to the nearest branchfor personal contact to the manager of credit. In general, the whole registration process could take a few working days.

If you are unable to stay that long, or for any other reason, you don’t need to call the bank (for instance, if you have a bad credit score or you do not have an job offer) then you may be able to take an online loan through CashX.

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Benefits of getting an online loan from credit card

In comparison to a consumer credit, made by banks online, a loan issued by an MFO is superior because of:

  • You can opt to take a lower amount, and for a shorter time period.
  • Clients have fewer requirements (we will discuss these in more detail below);
  • You can obtain an online loan using the card of any bank
  • MFOs are available 24/7 and you are able to submit your application at any time or on a holiday and even during the early morning beginning on the 1st of January.

Conditions to obtain an online loan

In CashX you can get an online loan using the card you have if:

  • Age range 20-60 years of age, currently employed or earning a steady income.
  • Make sure you use your personal information and bank account details correctly.
  • The phone number you use for the application must be registered under your name.
  • You must enter an landline number at the workplace where you work.
  • It is necessary to attach an image on the National Identity Card, Passport or Driver’s License to verify your identity.

How do you get an online loan fast and efficiently: a step-by-step method

To get online a loan to the following card:

  1. Create your personal space on the site.
  2. You can sign the contract using CashX.

For more information, visit for more information, visit the “How you can apply for the credit” page.

Recommendations to clients

  1. When you submit an application to the right, you’ll find out how much to be paid back considering the interest rate.
  2. If you are able, do not delay repayment until the final day. If your transfer suddenly becomes delayed (and it could occur) or, for any reason, you don’t have enough time to make the payment on time, you are likely to be delayed.
  3. If you are able, repay the loan early or in installments. This is more efficient since the interest calculation is based solely on the amount that is actually left the loan amount.
  4. Be aware of commissions when you pay off.

If you have any queries about CashX services You can contact them by phone or talk to the operator at the site.

Online Loan Sri Lanka With Robocash

What is Robocash?

Robocash is a legally licensed online lender that provides online loans across Sri Lanka. Robocash has been developed with a extensive online portal with a computerized interface and is a highly innovative.

Our clients get top-quality financial services at attractive rates.

The lending process is computerized and takes autonomous decisions based on the specific application, and can transfer funds within only a couple of hours. We provide rapid loans at the lowest interest rates in the nation. As a lender authorized by the government We adhere to the regulations and rules without any compromise.

There’s an exclusive deal for new customers: the loan ranges from Rs 5,000 up to Rs 25,000, at 0%.The following loan may cost the interest, but you are able to take out up to Rs 60,000.

Robocash is essential in times of needing money urgently. The amount you need will arrive on your account fast and quickly!

Robocash Online Loan Application

To benefit from the Robocash credit facility, customers must be in the range between 20 and 55 years old. Additionally, all clients have to show their NIC to verify their citizenship of Sri Lanka. The borrower is not required to pursue a formal career provided they demonstrate a steady income.

How do I get a loan from Robocash?

  1. Choose the loan amount on the home page of the site.
  2. After that, enter your mobile number and then click the “Apply” button.
  3. An authorization code is sent out to the number by SMS.
  4. After verifying the phone number, fill out an easy questionnaire that contains the basic information.
  5. Indicate the bank account’s details.
  6. Once you have done that, make certain to upload your photo alongside your NIC photo.
  7. Take a moment while the automated system reviews your information.
  8. Once the loan approval is granted, then sign the loan contract.
  9. Transfer the funds to the banking account with the specified number.
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The Personal Loan Calculator

To be eligible for the Robocash loan facility, applicants must be within the age between 20 and 55 years old. In addition, all customers must present their NIC in order to proof of their citizenship of Sri Lanka. The borrower is not required to pursue a formal career in the event that they demonstrate a steady income.

Robocash Loan Advantage

  • Fully automated serviceRobocash is an entirely automated service that offers loans online without the involvement of humans. Robocash is a computerized system that offers an evaluation of loans, a decision-making process and immediate transfer of funds completely peer-to-peer basis. There is no chance of mistake here since there is no human element. The system is highly modern and helps reduce expenses for the business. That’s why we can offer you attractive interest rates.
  • Money transfer in 15 minsThe money will be sent to you in the shortest time possible. It takes just 10 minutes to complete your request. We will give you the money you require within 15 minutes!
  • The lowest prices in Sri LankaRobocash offers personal loans with the most affordable rate of interest within Sri Lanka, making it an ideal choice for everyone’s pocket. The total amount customers are required to pay is the amount of loan along with the interest rate. New customers, however, can avail their first loan free of any charges for interest.
  • No guarantors, no hassleClients do not have to be guarantors’ representatives. This method is excellent because it’s lengthy. Furthermore, the borrowers don’t need to undergo the same process of documenting for obtaining an loan. The loan can be obtained through the NIC.
  • No hidden charges and fees.In general, when seeking a loan, the applicant should go through the loan contract and pay particular attention to fees and other charges. There is no cost for application for the loan services we offer.
  • 95% of applications have been approvedWe provide extremely fast processing of applications. Additionally, we accept 95% of our applications so your application will be accepted! We are aware of how crucial it is to have cash now.

Tips for Getting Your Personal Loan In Sri Lanka

  1. Select the business you wish to borrow from with careIf you are a borrower seeking quick loans online, it’s particularly important to look into every detail about the firm. Find out the length of time the company has been lending money and whether there are branches in different countries. If the company is controlled by an internationally-based holding firm, that indicates its credibility. Make sure you look up the reviews of the company on social media before making your final decision.
  2. Be on guardBefore you sign any loan contract be sure to read and understand the loan contract and its terms thoroughly to avoid any potential problems. Be sure to study carefully the amount of money you will need to repay, within the timeframe and what penalties will be applicable for late loans.
  3. Find a loan program that is pocket-friendlyOnly apply for the amount that you can repay. Be sure to calculate your budget so that you can repay the loan in time.
  4. Pay at the timeIt is important for the borrower to be aware enough to not overpay for the loan. It is essential to have that you are able to pay back the loan amount within the specified period. In the event of a late payment, it could affect your credit score and allow you the ability to access credit services in the near future.
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