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No card account is attached to this mobile – Zenith bank code error

Did you experience this error “No card account is attached to this mobile”, while trying to enter the Zenith Bank ussd code for the first time?

Don’t fret Don’t worry, in this article I’ll tell you what it is you could do overcome it.

Sometimes, we might have to take an urgent and urgent action on our ATM or bank card.

For instance, if you lost your card. You try calling the standard code, but you get this error.

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Here are 3 ways you can try.

1. Reboot: Turn off your phone before switching to it on. Sometimes, an error is fixable with any phone by simply restarting it.

This is the initial step in bringing order to many situations like this.

2. Clear your phone cache. Clearing your phone’s cache could aid in resolving this issue.

There are many mobile applications which can assist you in doing this. One app that is included in the majority of Android phones is called phone master.

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3. Contact Zenith bank Customer Support. If you’re trying to use this feature in a hurry and it’s causing problems then the best option is to call customer support at the Zenith bank customer support number or engage Zenith bank support on social media.


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