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Home Apps And Technology Zoranga: Charges, Is Zoranga legit

Zoranga: Charges, Is Zoranga legit

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Have ever thought of how to convert airtime on your sim card network to money or real cash? Do you have enough airtime gotten from free zoto app and don’t know how to convert the credit into real money that can be withdrawn from your bank account? You are in the right place for solution to such questions.

In this post, we have outlined ways and steps to convert airtime to money through a company known as Zoranga. So read on for the detailed information on how to go about the conversion and cash out.

Zoranga: Converting Airtime to Cash (Money) 

Zoranga is officially and actively available for Nigerians. As Nigerians can now easily convert their airtime into cash by means of transferring the airtime via zoranga, and then in return, they get equivalent money into any choice of Bank account.

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This way of having your credit converted into cash saves you from losing 20% of your airtime in contrast to when you sell it to another. This means that with Zoranga mobile cash service you can get your cash directly from your bank account without having to visit any bank.

If you have MTN and GLO, Airtel, 9mobile airtime, you can transfer these to a Zoranga account, and then transfer directly from the dashboard in a several minutes. Visit the website at zoranga.com.

After the conversion, you are able to then transfer the funds to your Zoranga bank account into your bank account from Nigeria that you have.

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Zoronga is among the top options for today If you’re looking to turn your airtime into money. You can start by registering with zoranga.
Go to their website and sign-up.

All you have to do is sign up to the account and begin your transaction.

Zoranga App 2021 Download

You may also download the Zoranga Apk application for Android mobile phones. You can then enter your account details such as username and password sign in, or create a your account as a new user and login to convert your airtime into cash.

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With Zoranga you can make withdrawals funds and deposit them into your preferred Bank account. Convert your data and airtime into cash at a lower rate by using the mobile application.

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