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The S3P platform, created by a group of French industrialists and IT vendors over the course of three years, has been commercially released. It allows for the quick creation of safe and secure IoT services.

The 11th Assises de l’Embarqué, which focused on embedded systems connected by sensors and capable of interacting with other systems, took place on December 19, 2018 at the Bercy conference center. The symposium, which was put on by Syntec Numérique, Cap’Tronic, and the competitiveness clusters of Aerospace Valley, Images & Réseaux, Minalogic, and Systematic, was particularly focused on the S3P (smart, safe, and secure) platform that has recently been delivered to facilitate the design and marketing of Internet of Things services. The S3P consortium was established three years ago, which served as the catalyst for the development of this IoT platform. The latter brings together manufacturers (Airbus, Alstom, Altran, Safran, Schneider Electric, SurTec and Thales), as well as technology providers (including Ansys, Prismtech, Sysgo, Prove & Run, Trust in Soft, MicroEJ, Krono-Safe, List, NXP, STMicro, CEA and the Eclipse Foundation). The project required a €45 million investment.

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The S3P platform’s technologies have been verified through industrial use cases spanning a variety of IoT applications. Interoperability with other significant Internet of Things platforms was one of the project’s goals. Additionally, it had to support the portability of applications across a range of settings, particularly on infrastructures with minimal resource usage. According to the S3P alliance on its website, the platform had to be able to ensure a high level of security and permit the development of “critical software from the point of view of their operational safety.” Particularly, the applications developed must be able to be integrated into industrial systems that adhere to the strictest operating safety standards.

A platform validated with Airbus and Alstom

The S3P alliance details the various use cases that have allowed the platform to be validated in a presentation guide, such as in the field of aviation with Airbus and in railway signalling systems with Alstom. On one hand, Thales worked on distributed and reconfigurable real-time systems, and on the other, secure multi-domain interoperability capabilities. A use case in e-health involving the individualised monitoring of chronic diseases has been validated by Altran. Additionally, he has contributed to platform operation for Industry 4.0 production systems. In the area of secure home automation, STMicroelectronics, a manufacturer of semiconductors, has developed two hardware platforms for its microcontrollers.

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