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The efrei switches its major 2 cybersecurity

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Are you looking for the efrei switches its major 2 cybersecurity then this article is for you with all the necessary information.

Students at Efrei Paris who are in their last year of their cybersecurity specialisation can now choose to do their course entirely online. The ability to use the Airbus Cyber Security attack simulation platform and pass Microsoft certification exams is the crucial factor.

Eric Devaulx, Managing Director of Sophos France, emphasised the value of training to draw in future computer security experts in a recent interview with Le Monde Informatique. Efrei Paris, which is well aware of the issue, strengthened its offering in this area by taking advantage of the 8th European Month of Cybersecurity, an occasion aimed at preventing and combating cyberthreats. The engineering school in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne), which is supported by Microsoft and Airbus CyberSecurity, recently launched a final year of specialisation in cybersecurity that is entirely online. Over thirty students have already chosen this major (M2). They can now follow online theoretical lessons that are both practical and business-focused thanks to the completion of several certifications.

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For its part, Microsoft Azure DevTest Labs acts as a platform for practise and training, and the editor’s collaborative Teams solution enables remote exchange and course animation. In this course, engineering students will learn how to create solutions that protect corporate data, authenticate user access and user identity, and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. A computer simulation platform called CyberRange Airbus will be used to practise attacks and counterattacks thanks to the agreement with Airbus Cybersecurity.

A virtual format in M2 big data/machine learning

Efrei Paris, Microsoft France, and Airbus CyberSecurity want to create connections between businesses, training, and students in addition to this entirely online approach. To achieve this, on-campus or online events that are open to all cybersecurity students will broaden the academic curriculum. These events could include days of meetings with the operation’s partner companies, interactions at trade shows like the International Cybersecurity Forum 2021 (FIC), or participation in internal events like masterclasses designed specifically for their promotion.

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The computer school has extended this method of higher education to other courses as a result of the practise of e-learning while maintaining close touch with businesses. The parallel development of a major year in big data and machine learning serves as proof of this. Additionally, plans are being discussed to incorporate this learning approach into other training programmes starting in 2021.

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