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Sunking Solar TV Price In Nigeria

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In this post I will update you on the Sun King solar price for Nigeria; Specifications, features, and my honest reviews to provide you with an idea of what you can expect prior to buying the item.

When discussing trustworthy solar technology companies in Nigeria You’re in error if don’t mention Sun King Solar.

Sun King like its name suggests is among the top producers of solar technology products on the Nigerian market right now.

Sun King Solar Products

  • Home 600
  • Home 120
  • Home 400
  • Home 60
  • and so on.

In this article, I will be mostly focused on talking about what the products I mentioned earlier are about, as well as providing the essential information regarding these products.

Let’s get started.

Sun King Home 600

Find all the information you need regarding the sun king home 600, including the cost in Nigeria specs, specifications and real reviews, what’s inside the box, etc.

Home 600 Price in Nigeria

Standalone, No TV

The price of Sun King solar is in Nigeria in Home 600 Home 600 is N56,000 for the purchase of an entire. You can find it more or less based on the source you’re purchasing it from. But the price should guide you.

To purchase a house 600 and make installment payments $10,000 naira for the first installment and 1500 naira per week or 6000 naira each 28 days for 12 months.

Complete package including 32” television

The entire pack of 600 naira for home, which includes 32 inches of television cost 222,500 Nigerian for an outright purchase. You can also make payments by installment. 27,500 naira initial payment with 3750 per week or 15,000 per month payments over 12 consecutive months.

Review and descriptions

Sun King Home 600 is an integrated solar home system. Through the use of an embedded panels, the lithium batteries and the lumen bulbs that are attached to Sun King Home 600 Sun King Home 600 product is able to power the lighting system of the house.

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  • 60 Watt solar panel
  • 144WH/Lithium NMC battery
  • 2 lamps for hanging
  • 2 tube light
  • 1 motion sensor light
  • Long wire cables
  • 32′ TV

In addition, Lightning Global has certified Sun King Home 600 as a product that is family-friendly.

Home 600 unboxing

Sun King Home 120

Find out all the details about the sun King Home 120, including the cost in Nigeria specifications, specifications, real reviews, what’s in the box, etc.

Home 120 Price in Nigeria

At the moment of writing this, 2022 Sun King Home 120 is priced between N47,000 and N51,500. If you’re purchasing it from an online retailers similar to Jumia you can buy it for less however it could be more expensive at markets that are not online.

Description and review of Home 120

Sun King Home 120 is an extremely good product that includes an USB charger intended to charge mobile phones and various electronic gadgets. Every lamp included with it has lights for the entire home.

*The Sun King Home 120 features four powerlights with their own wall-mounted switches to regulate the intensity of light.

* Sun King Home 120 system utilizes an detachable 12W solar panel , the junction box as well as a six-meter cable.

* Phone Charger with large capacity storage for high-energy as well as an USB charging port for charging your electronic devices.

The Charge Meter LED The charging meter shows the power of charging from 1 to 5 to assist in positioning the solar panel in the right place for optimal charging.

Quality production and attention to durability guarantee the Sun King Home 120 customers will enjoy reliable performance for a long time around the globe.

Sun King is a family of companies. Sun King family strives to make a cleaner and more sustainable environment by using sustainable renewable energy sources. It’s time to transition to solar.

The Sun King Home 120 provides plenty of lighting and appliance charging for even the most performance-demanding families and companies thanks to its three 200 lumen high-power fixed room lights and everlasting 12,000 mAh battery.

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Modern conveniences, such as included lighting switches as well as the standard 5.5V USB and 12V power output for charging phones as well as DC appliances are available through this central hub for power.

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Sun King Home 120 Key Features

  • Power LEDs that have 800 lumens of total flux (200 lumens per lamp)
  • Three modes of light 3 light modes: Three light modes: Turbo (200 lumens) Normal (100 lumens) and Low (40 lumens)360 degrees of ambient wide-angle spread
  • 5 year lifespan with 12-000 mAh Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery 12 W removable polycrystalline panel made of aluminum frame and wire up for up to 24 hours runtime with a full day’s charge
  • 12V power output is designed to power 12V DC appliances 5V USB power output that can provide power to any standard USB device. USB cable and phone adapters
  • Drop-proof, UV-stable IP65 Rated ABS and polycarbonate casingsWater and moisture resistant
  • Lamp Dimension: 165 x 85 mmSolar Panel Dimension: 345 x 285 x 17 mmControl Panel Dimension: 220 x 125 x 58 mmLamp Weight: 107gControl Panel Weight: 450gCable length: 17 meter long cable
  • LED charging indicator shows the effectiveness of charging in a scale of 1-5 to help improve panel placement. The LED battery indicator shows remaining battery power batteries automatically switch off power once the the battery is at a low level, giving users 5 hours of extra illumination
  • The standard 2 Year Sun King warranty”


  1. Four fixed lamps mounted on the ceiling with wall-mounted switches
  2. Solar panel with a 6 meter cable
    Kit for charging with USB cord and adapter for phones
  3. Warranty card and user’s manual
    A radio

How do I set up my home to receive 120 solar

Sun King Home 60

Find all the information you need regarding the sun king home 60, its price in Nigeria specifications, specifications, authentic reviews, what’s inside the box, etc.

Home 60 Price in Nigeria

The price in Nigeria, Sun King Home 60 is priced at N33,500. It is possible to get it lower or higher depending the retailer you purchase it from. But the price will at a minimum guide you.

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Power LEDs that have 300 lumens of total flux (100 lumens per lamp)

Three different light modes are controlled by wall-mounted switches Three light modes controlled by wall-mounted switches: Three light modes controlled by wall-mounted switches: Turbo (100 lumens) Normal (50 lumens) and The Low (20 lumens)

5 year life span with 6000 mAh Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery

6-watt detachable polycrystalline panels with frame made of aluminum and five meters of wire

up to 24 hours of running time for a day’s cost

2V power output that is designed to provide 12V DC power to appliances

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5.5V USB power output designed to power all regular USB device

It includes USB cable as well as common phone adapters

LED charging indicator shows the effectiveness of charging on a scale from 1 to 5 , to maximize the placement of panels

The indicator for battery LEDs shows remaining battery power

Active battery management reduces power when the battery is low, providing the user with five hours of extra lighting

Key Features

  • Lamp Dimension: 165 x 85 mm
  • Solar Panel Dimension: 305 x 185 x 17 mm
  • Control Panel Dimension: 220 x 125 x 58 mm
  • Lamp Weight:107g


  • Three ceiling-mounted fixed lamps, with Wall-mounted switches
  • Energy hub
  • A solar panel that has a 5m cable
  • Kit for charging that includes USB cable as well as phone adapters
  • Warranty card and user’s manual

Sun King Home of system and lanterns can assist in meeting your lighting requirements. With the wide range of Sun King Home products on offer that you can complete your job faster and more efficiently.

Sun King Home 400

Find out all the details regarding the sun king home 400, its cost in Nigeria specifications, specifications, real reviews, what’s in the box, etc.

Sun King 400 Price in Nigeria

Sun King Home 400 Price In Nigeria is 45,000 naira when you make an the purchase outright. You can also choose to pay in installments with a small additional cost.

Review, with features

  • Two tube lights with bright light sources (400 light-years) each)
  • A pair of hanging lamps (200 light-years) each)
  • Security lights that detect motion (100 lumens, typically placed in the front of the house)
  • 19-Inch Digital TV
  • 120 Watt hours per day
  • Time of operation: 5 days per week with 19-inch screen as well as all lamps fixed set to moderate brightness


Available Daily Energy

  • 120 Watt hours per day

Total Lumen Output

  • 1200 lumens +100 lumen motion-sensor light + 350 lumen torch


  • Five days of daytime running 19-inch TV, and six hours of nighttime (on the battery) with 19-inch TV, with all lamp fixtures set to moderate brightness

Mobile Phone Charging/Power Ports

  • Fast Charge USB Port 5V 2.1A
  • Normal Charge USB Port 5V 600mA

Solar Panel

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel 40W, 18V

Battery Specification

  • 11.1VLithium-NMC 11.1V / 122Wh daily discharge of battery is limited to 80Wh Rated to last for more than 2500 daily software cycles (7 year maintenance-free life)

Sun King 400 Sun King 400 is the standard for affordable robust, durable solar-powered lanterns. They are perfect to keep in the emergency kits of your home.

The entire the Home 400 video

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