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Xtracash Loan USSD Code

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Get the Xtracash Loan USSD Code that will give you access to obtain fast personal and business loans in Nigeria.

Xtracash Loan USSD Code is an online platform for money lending that provides instant and convenient short-term loans to people.

Xtracash Loan USSD Code
Xtracash Loan USSD Code

The money lending business was created by young minds with the goal that is to facilitate financial inclusion by leveraging technology.

The loan is only available obtained via Quickteller which is a subsidiary of Interswitch an independent third-party technologically driven company that provides financial technology. The loan can only be accessed by citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, and Zambia.

Xtracash Loan USSD Code Application Process

To obtain a loan from Xtracash There are 3 boxes to check and they are:

1. Create a Quickteller account

2. Include a debit or credit card in your Quickteller account

3. Request a loan

Steps On How To Create A Quickteller Account:

Follow the steps listed below to set up the Quickteller account: Quickteller account:

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1. Go to this link to go to the Quickteller sign-up page

2. Enter your first and final name, your email address, and your phone number

3. Select your preferred password

4. Input the email address and telephone # of the individual who has referred you to Quickteller (this is not required)

5. Look for your email address to receive an email from Quickteller. Inside the message, you’ll discover a 7-digit activation code. Copy it and paste it onto the Quickteller sign-up page

6. Then, click on Continue to confirm your number.

7. Enter the OTP you received to your mobile on the Quickteller sign-up page on the Quickteller website.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your Quickteller account.

How To Add A Debit Card To Your Quickteller Account:

When you apply for a loan, you will have to sign up for an account with a debit card

To add your account to it, follow the steps below for transferring funds to your account:

1. Find “payment method” on your Quickteller dashboard, then click it.

2. Click on “Cards”

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3. Click “Add”

4. Enter your card details

5. Enter your card’s pin

6. Click on the next step.

How To Get A Loan Using Xtracash Loan USSD Code

Follow the steps below to obtain an advance from Xtracash:

1. Please click Here to go to the Quickteller login page.

2. Input your password and email address, click on login

3. Find “Loan” on your dashboard and click on it.

4. Click “Request Loan”

5. You will be able to see a listing of loan deals, look for the name Xtracash and then select the amount of the loan and the tenor you are going for.

6. After making your decision, click on your choice

7. Select the account that you would like to credit

8. Use your password to verify the transaction

If you have applied successfully for an Xtracash loan. The loan amount will appear in your account within less than three minutes.

How To Repay Xtracash Loan

Two (2) options are available to pay back your Xtracash loan. These are:

1. Quickteller

2. Code USSD


You can easily pay back your Xtracash loan via the website Quickteller using the steps listed in the following paragraphs:

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1. Please click Here to go to the Quickteller login page.

2. Login using your username and email, and click on the login

3. Find “Loan” on your dashboard and click on it.

4. The loan you have active will appear on your screen, click it

5. Then click “Repay Loan”

6. Input the card information of the account you wish the money debited from.

7. Enter your card’s pin and then click pay.

8. Enter the 7 digits of the OTP that you received via SMS, and then select pay. You should receive a confirmation message that states you’ve successfully paid off the loan.

Xtracash Loan USSD Code:

When the date for your loan repayment is just a few days away You will receive an email from Xtracash to remind you about your loan repayment. In this text, the borrower will additionally be provided with the option of paying by the due date. you will also receive a USSD code.

To pay off your Xtracash Loan USSD Code dial *322*6#.

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