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Full List Of Loan Defaulters In Nigeria

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This article we’ll give you the Full List Of Loan Defaulters In Nigeria and their primary promoters and their the current publicity.

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo created an task force in the year 2019 with the intention of formulating a strategy to collect the N5 trillion due by AMCON. Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) by the country’s leading defaulters of loans.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) as well as the Ministry of Justice have been ordered by the Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to pursue the defaulters of loans from Nigeria .

The most prominent Full List Of Loan Defaulters In Nigeria According to AMCON they have a debt of 67% of N5 trillion in debt.

In the words of Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo The federal government created a task force to supervise all the debtors in the Full List Of Loan Defaulters In Nigeria

The Federal government has announced that it has intensified its efforts to recover the N5 trillion due to the chronic debtors and loan defaulters.

The most prominent 20 loan defaulters in Nigeria as per the report released from AMCON, the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) in October, 2019 Below are the top 20 loan defaulters in Nigeria.

Full List Of Loan Defaulters In Nigeria

S/NObligor NameMain Promoter(s)Current Exposure
1Capital Oil & Gas Industries LimitedIfeanyi Ubah115,952,152,265.92
2NICON Investments LimitedJimoh Ibrahim59,544,633,980.31
3Bi-Courtney Limited (MMA2)Wale Babalakin (SAN)40,798,422,374.02
4Josepdam & Sons LimitedLate Mrs. Josephine Damilola KuteyiSaheed KuteyiGaniyu Kuteyi39,056,674,951.55
5Tinapa Business ResortCross River State Government36,006,319,844.68
6Home Trust SavingsChukwukadibia AjaegbuFunmu Ademosun30,626,243,344.71
7Geometric Power LimitedProf. Barth NnajiNnaji AgathaObibuaru ElumaAnike PaulNwobodo Benjamin ChukwuemekaDozie ChijiokeAkpe AustineNnaji OkechukwuUBA Trustees LimitedKunoch LimitedDiamond Capital & Financial Market Limited29,844,500,896.77
8Roygate Properties LimitedWale Babalakin (SAN)Agumadu JohnAlarape OlabodeOkhaleke Ndudi28,137,176,532.32
9Shell Development Petroleum Company – West Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited (SPDC)Shell Staff, represented by Ikponmwosa Ogiemuda26,474,541,188.17
10Anyiam Osigwe LimitedAnyiam-Osigwe Dorothy Chinyere20,523,322,350.29
11Platinum CapitalObire RichardFrancis Atuche20,378,820,507.19
12Flotsome Investment LimitedOboden IbruTejiro Ibru20,218,703,550.96
13Lonestar DrillingLate Chief IdisiMargaret Idisi20,207,979,803.22
14Petrologistics LimitedUgoji Egbujo19,576,962,565.35
15Lorna Global ResourcesH.E. Chimaroke Nnamami18,919,109,352.85
16Hosanna Properties LimitedAnionye ChikaObi Ike C.18,059,895,396.27
18Afrijet Airlines LimitedInoelle Willam BarryCarr Collin13,122,022,439.57
19Petroleum Brokers LimitedWilcox Awopuolagha13,076,314,937.26
20Hotel De Island; Kasmal Properties; Island Autos & NacoilKashamu Prince Buruji13,015,595,907.67

Some Frequently Asked Questions On Loan Defaulters In Nigeria

1. What happens if an online loan is not repaid in Nigeria?

If you fail to pay back your loan online in Nigeria the app that you borrowed the money might reveal names, BVN, photo, the details of your profile, including phone number, and other information publicly available. If you take out a loan through the lending app you are able to store your contact details in their database. This information could be used to blackmail you or publicly shame the person who owes you loan payment.

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2. What happens if one fails to repay a loan from a bank in Nigeria?

If you do not pay back the loan from a bank to Nigeria, AMCOM, the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria could announce your name in a newspaper of national significance in the event that you are one of the most prominent loan defaulters. This happens following the issue of an alert and demanded you to repay your loan.

3. Can Loan App Block my BVN?

If you fail to pay an loan in Nigeria and you are unable to pay it back, your BVN will not be blocked. They are able to reveal your BVN and any other personal information along with the contact details you have gathered from their database. They can also declare that you’ve paid off the loan.

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4. Do you have the right to be in jail for not paying the mortgage in Nigeria?

If you fail to pay a loan in Nigeria and you are not prosecuted, you will not immediately be in jail in the event that you’re not prosecuted but you may be shamed publicly and have your name printed in a national newspaper. If you fail to pay an application for loans it is possible for the app to release your personal information and photo to your contacts as well as the public to humiliate you and force you to pay. If you do default at a bank or credit card, your name might be publicized if you’re among the top defaulters on loans.

5. What is the Punishment for Personal Loan Defaulters?

If you fail to pay personal loans in Nigeria and you aren’t prosecuted and you are not prosecuted, you will not be sent to jail immediately however you could be publicly shamed and have your name may be featured in a nation’s newspaper. If you are in default on an application for loan that is publicly accessible, the application can expose your image as well as personal details to your contacts as well as the general public to shame you and make you to pay back.

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