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Home Loan Tloan: Download App And Apk, Tingo Loan Code

Tloan: Download App And Apk, Tingo Loan Code

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Are you looking for tloan download app and apk with tingo loan code and tloan customer care number then you are on the right web page.

Before it is an herculean task to get a loan in Nigeria, you will have to go to bank and wait for eternity before they will approve you and most time they will not bother o kook at your documents. But that is now a bygone thanks to Fintech app like Tloan, you can now borrow money instantly without paper work or collateral.

With Tloan you can obtain loan of up to #200,000 naira at a go without guarantor, but how? This is what this article is all about and apart from this you know the Tloan contacts details, whether they are legit and other important information so stay tune.


Requirements to get a loan from Tloan

Like every other loan app in Nigeria before you can get a loan form Tloan you need to meetup with their requirement’s which are

  • Have bvn
  • Reside in Nigeria
  • You will provide account number of 3 of your friends or family
  • You must be between the age of 20 to
  • You must have source of income
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How to apply for Tloan (Tingo) loan

Now that you now the requirement what is left now is how to apply

Dowload Tloan app and register

The first step is to head over to play store and download tloan app, load the app, register with your details and login

Some of the information they will request from you is your bvn, account details and other

Take a loan
The next thing is to take loan, to do that you will need to provide 3 account number of your friends, these is done in case you did not pay back your loan. They will contact these people through their bank.

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Once you do this, a loan offer will be given to you depending on your credit score. As a first timer you won’t be able to receive high amount of money since you have a low credit score with them but as you take loan and payback regularly the amount you can loan will increase.

Tloan (Tingo) loan interest rate

Tloan interest rate depend on the amount of loan taken and the Payback period but it is between 4.4% to 34%. The payback period is between 91 day to 365 days.

Tloan repayment

To repay your Tloan, login to your dashboard you will see loan option, click it, at the bottom you will see “repay” click on it and chose your repayment method: ATM card or transfer.

I will advice you to chose ATM method it has been proven to be better than transfer method.

Amount you can borrow on Tloan

The amount you can borrow on Tloan depend on you credit score if you have good credit score you will obtain loan of up to #200,000 but if not you might start with #10,000.

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Is Tloan legit?

Tloan is a legit app, at least there have not been a bad news about them but as at the time of writing this article they are not register under CBN neither insure by NDIC.

Threfore if you are taken loan on this platform do so with caution.

Tloan app have been download more than 100,000 times on playstore and have more than 4 star rating

Tloan contacts

In case of any issue you can reach out to Tloan on the email address below
Email: GiasunTechnology@gmail.com


Tloan so far have been good to their customer, but who knows that might change tomorrow, and since they are not under CBN it will be hard to track them, so tread with care.

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