How to get BVN number without going to bank

This article will help you on how to get BVN number without going to bank without stress, follow the details below.

Banks such as GTBank plc Nigeria are always looking for ways to ease the stress their customers feel. Everyone knows how crucial it is to have a BVN (Bank Verification Number) registration is in Nigeria. This article will show you the steps you can ” Register your BVN without going to bank“.

As a holder of an account at any bank you can perform your to complete the following tasks:

  • Registration for a fresh registration: If, for some reason, you haven’t completed the registration process prior to now, you’ll need to visit any of your banks and sign up for BVN to access your account.
  • Linking your previously registered BVN with other accounts. This is the last job to be completed following the registration. You must join your BVN with any other accounts in different Banks.
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However, I’m going to guide you on how to connect your BVN to GTBank plc ONLINE, which you’ve registered through other Banks.

Let me begin by affirming that you don’t need internet banking in order to complete this. Learn more about the procedure below.

How to get BVN number without going to bank
How to get BVN number without going to bank

GTBank BVN portal will let customers to provide their BVN to be linked the existing GTBank account.To connect your BVN to your GTBank account, please do these steps:


  • Go to the GTBank plc BVN Portal here
  • Enter your GTBank NUBAN
  • Choose a Bank from which the BVN was issued
  • Enter the BVN number you got from a different Bank Then click submit
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I explained to you how to connect your BVN that you obtained from another Bank into your GTBank account through the GTBank Web site.

Once you have completed this online you are able to visit your bank’s branch to confirm whether what you’ve done worked.

The next article we will write about is ” How to link your BVN Obtained from other Bank to your GTBank account via ATM or Internet banking“.


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