Naira9ja: Download App, Loan Apk, How To Apply

Have you recently been in a financial bind and need a loan immediately? Find out how you can request a loan through Naira9ja and the requirements, the interest rate and repayment options, as well as other details within this post.

Naira9ja: What exactly is this and exactly how it function?

It is a fast and simple loan service that permits its Nigerian users to take out personal loans ranging from $5,000 to #500,000.

If you are applying for a loan through Naira9ja You are not required to submit security or a guarantor. The other procedures, such as the application for loans and registration can be completed online via your mobile.

Additionally, a credit or debit card isn’t necessary to obtain this loan. This is only necessary in the event that you need to repay your loan using Naira9ja.

Naira9ja loan conditions


You must meet the criteria to be eligible to receive a loan

  • It is necessary to be Nigerian resident and a citizen of Nigeria.
  • A minimum of 18 years age is the minimum requirement.
  • a monthly income source that is regular
  • If you apply for a loan, you must not already be in debt due to an earlier loan application.

You’ll also have to meet certain details. They include:

  • your bank information (must be your account number) (must be a Nigerian account)
  • The phone number at which you’ll receive an SMS with a confirmation
  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
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The downloading of the the loan application through Google Play store Google Play store is the next step after you have met the criteria and have all of the required information in order.


Get the Naira9ja mobile application

Windows as well as iOS devices currently do not support Naira9ja. Only Android-powered devices can utilize it. The app needs to be installed and downloaded via Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

More than 100,000 users have downloaded this tiny 8MB application. Over 9,600 people have rated the program a rating of 4.3 on reviews at the time of writing.

Create an account. The lending service once you have installed the application on your phone.

How do I create an account on the loan of Naira9ja

  • To sign-up, choose ” new loan account” on the top of the page.
  • Please fill in your telephone number.
  • An SMS with the confirmation number will be sent to your mobile number. To proceed, type in the code.
  • The provision of personal information will be the following step. Name, age as well as any other information required in the requirements should be given.

If you click on the app following the registration, you’ll be taken straight to the home page.

How do you take out a loan using the Naira9ja loan application

You can also access other services, control the details of your Naira9ja loan account and apply for loans, make payments and check your credit score and much more on the home page.

  • You can access the page to apply for a loan on the home page.
  • Select the amount of loan you’d like to receive from Naira9ja. A minimum of 5 000 and a maximum of 500 000 is available.
  • Set the terms for repayment. You can repay the loan in a period between 3-months (91 days) to 12 months(91 jours) up to twelve months (365 days)
  • Enter the account number of the bank for the account where the money will be placed.
  • Submit your loan application
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Your loan application to Naira9ja will be reviewed. If the loan is accepted, you’ll be informed and the requested amount will be transferred into the account on your bank statement.

What amount of loan is available through Naira9ja? Naira9ja credit service?

On the Naira9ja app, you are able to obtain a loan with amounts ranging from 5,000 to $500,000. If your application is approved and approved, a loan in a matter of minutes will be credited into your account at the banks, making it very adaptable.

Rate of interest for Naira9ja loans

The rate of interest for the Naira9ja loan service is 19.8 percent for a 6 month payback period. Consider, for instance, that you choose to pay back a amount of $8,000 in six months from the time you received it:

  • Interest is calculated at 19.8 percent.
  • The concern is #1584.
  • The total due amount is #9584.
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How can I pay for my loan of Naira9ja

In the Naira9ja mobile application it is very easy.

  • Visit the page for loan repayment.
  • Select the loan you are currently in from your credit history.
  • Select a payment option and provide the required details.
  • The bank will send you a confirmation number if you make use of the ATM card.
  • You must enter the code confirmation to validate the purchase and complete your loan’s repayment.

What is the headquarter of Naira9ja?

The headquarters for Naira9ja to get the most efficient customer service. The address is Plot GA 1, Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Customer service details and email address for Naira9ja

You can always reach the Naira9ja lending company with any questions or concerns. There are employees in customer service, who can assist you.

The customers from Naira9ja are able to be reached through their email addresses.


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