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How To Apply For Petty Cash Loan

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A petty cash loan is a fast-rising loan application that offers fast and instant loan application to meet any financial needs.

Some people have a problem spending the money they have. They are rare, but you might come across them. If you are one of these people, please keep reading. Send us an email. We need to hear from you.

Petty cash, however, is a platform that helps people like you. They are open to everyone, both those with plenty and those who just need a little help every once in a while.

What is a Petty Cash Loan?

Pettycas is an online lending platform that allows people to get a pay loan of up to N50,000 (or N5,000,000) with certain terms and conditions. You can get small, short-term loans as long as you are employed. Pretty cool huh?

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How a Petty Cash Loan Works

Let’s talk about those who may need some help every once in a while.

Petty Cash offers a variety of loan products that are targeted at a particular audience. Below are some examples:

  • Federal Staff loan: Also known as the Fed petty money loan, this product is specifically designed for people who work with Federal Government. The loan amounts range from N5000 to N50,000
  • PettyCash+ This emergency loan is up to N10,000. This loan is available only to people who earn a monthly income.
  • Instant Loan Salary earners can get loans from N10,000 to N50,000.
  • NSCDC Loan is Open to all officers in the Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps. The loans are available from N50,000 up to N500,000
  • Business Loans: These loans are available from N500,000 to N5,000,000. A car is required as collateral
  • Personal Loan: Use your car as collateral to get a loan up to N500,000. However, you can still keep the car and drive it.
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These loans have variable interest rates depending on how they are being paid back. You’ll pay less interest if the loan is repaid quickly. However, if the loan repayments are extended, you will pay more interest. These terms are the same as any other loan.

For those who want to know how to spend their money, here are some suggestions.

Petty Cash has the solution for you too! Petty cash pays you a monthly return depending on how much money you have invested. The average return is about 24%. This is quite impressive considering that even if a lender defaults, you still get your money with interest. You can expect credit alerts while your broker deals in petty cash.

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You have four options for loan pools to invest in.

  • Personal Loan
  • PettyCash+
  • Federal Staff Loan
  • NYSC Loan

As they each have different returns, you as an investor have the option to choose which bucket you want to invest in.


It’s a simple deal! This process is made easy by Pettycash, a platform. Their easy-to-use website – https://pettycash.com.ng/ has simplified this process even further. If you are interested in learning more about similar investment opportunities, please contact an agent.

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