Renmoney Loan Application Form

Are you looking for Renmoney Loan Application Form that will help you to get your desired huge amount of money from Renmoney loan company.

This article will help you out will all the necessary information about Renmoney Loan Application Form, carefully read below and follow the instruction as you about to fill the Renmoney Loan Application Form.

Renmoney Loan Application Form
Renmoney Loan Application Form

Renmoney is an Microfinance Bank based in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 2012 Renmoney has established a reputation as a lender that does not require collateral or guaranteeing to Nigerian business owners as well as employees.

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Requirements For Renmoney Loan Application

To make a successful Renmoney Loan Application Form it is necessary to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. You need to possess your Bank Verification (BVN) number. (BVN)
  2. You must be between the ages between 22 and 59.
  3. Have a Valid Government-issued ID (e.g Driver’s License, NIN, National ID Card, Voters Card, International Passport).
  4. You must be able to give a statement of your bank account for up to 6 months. There shouldn’t be any issues with returned checks and such.
  5. You should be able show a recent passport photo.
  6. You must show a photocopy from your bill for utility.
  7. You must have an active account with a commercial institution in Nigeria.
  8. You need to have a reliable and reliable revenue source.
  9. If you’re an employee, ensure you’ve got an Employee Identity Card from the place you work.
  10. You might require a request or a letter from your Human Resource department of the firm in which you are employed.
  11. You need to have an ID number for your Tax or Pension Number.
  12. Have a place of residence and/or an enterprise in Lagos.
  13. You have to have settled your debts using any other loan application.
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Step by Step On How to Apply For Loan On Renmoney

Follow these steps to obtain an advance from Renmoney:

1. Visit the website

The most efficient and fastest method is to go to the section for loans on the web site.


2. Fill Out Renmoney Loan Application Form.

On the website, be sure you fill out and fill in the application for a loan.

3. Create an Account or Sign In

You’ll be asked to make accounts (if you do not have an account with Renmoney) or log in using you Renmoney account.

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After registering an account, you will receive an automatic Renmoney MFB account number. You’ll need to be able to fund the account with at minimum N100.

TIP: You may be inclined to make a larger payment than N100 However, you shouldn't make that decision. Only send what's required to have the Renmoney accounts activated (i.e 100 N).

4. Upload Documents and Confirm Loan Application

It is possible that you require uploading your documents. These should include your ID as well as proof of address, and your bank statement.

5. Wait for Loan Approval

At this point you will be required to wait. The loan application will be scrutinized manually.


With the above information, we believe we have been able to provide all the necessary information you need on Renmoney Loan Application Form.


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