Geep Loan: Apply Now, Code, Login And Portal

Official GEEP application portal has open for registration. It is possible to register as well as request this GEEP free loan on this portal. It is the official Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme portal. Join GEEP here. Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme here.

We’ll teach you everything you must know about this program, and how you can complete the application without any hassle. Learn how to get the GEEP application form below.

About the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP)

GEEP is a government-run program. Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) is an intervention in the social sphere that is run by the Federal Government of Nigeria to offer the opportunity for financial empowerment and microcredit to Nigerians who are at the bottom of the pyramid of economic prosperity.

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The program offers secured and interest-free loans ranging from 10,000 and 350,000 Naira to farmers, artisans and traders throughout Nigeria. The program is administered through BOI. Bank of Industry (BOI).

GEEP currently offers three loan products at present:

  • TraderMoni
  • MarketMoni
  • FarmerMoni

All farmers, artisans or trader from Nigeria is qualified to apply for an GEEP loan. These loans were designed for credit to small businesses and have a an easy repayment time of six months.


geep loan
Geep Loan

How to Access the GEEP Loan Application

Registrations are conducted by GEEP Enumerators who use a specific application that works on smartphones and tablets only (no papers, and or forms). The GEEP agents collect information about the person’s biometric, GPS location, and facial identifications of the trader as well as their business. GEEP is the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme currently has more than 4000 agents working in market clusters throughout Nigeria.

It is a direct initiative by The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Bank of Industry to break the cycle of decades-long economic growth and prosperity that does not share.

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The program has been able to correctly focus on and provide credits for 2.3 millions Nigerians. The program aims to reach 20 million Nigerians in 2023. This program could provide you with new possibilities. Go to GEEP’s Official GEEP site located at to get more details.

Every now and then we will publish the most recent information on new programs that have been launched through the Federal Government on this portal If you want to keep up-to-date make sure you check back often.

How to Register/Apply for GEEP Loan 2022

To apply for the GEEP Loan 2.0 To apply for GEEP Loan 2.0, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Go to GEEP Registration Portal
  2. Navigate to the GEEP Link.
  3. Go to the link and go through the rules.
  4. Click on Application.
  5. If you’re prepared to apply, go to the National Orientation Agency in your state.
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It is vital to know that you are in a better position in applying as a cooperative instead of an individual. You must visit the GEEP Registration Portal to learn more about the procedure to follow.

We also suggest to bookmark this page or save it and revisit it often to ensure that there are no changes made by Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme. Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme and we will inform you as soon as it occurs.

Should you need to ask any concerns about or regarding the GEEP 2.0 loan registration for 2022 Feel free to contact us using your feedback box below and we’ll be in touch with you.


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