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How To Check For NYIF Loan Approval Letter

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If are you looking for how to check if your NYIF Loan Approval Letter is ready then this article is for you to best tell you your NYIF loan status.

This is to inform Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) applicants who have completed the online entrepreneurship training and completed an evaluation of their training, you should check your loan status, NYIF Loan Approval Letter, and accept the loan offer since the loan approval process began today, April 12, 2021.

How To Check For NYIF Loan Approval Letter
How To Check For NYIF Loan Approval Letter

How To Check For Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Loan Approval Letter And Approval of a Loan

1. Visit the following link; https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng

2. Login with your registered email and password

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3. If your loan has been approved, you can click the offer letter.

4. Check out the terms and conditions.

5. Accepted tick and submit

6. Then, wait for loan payment.


If you go to check and discover that your loan hasn’t been approved, you must wait for a while as everyone who completed the training and assessment procedures will be recognized as having been approved.

NYIF NYIF was conceived by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and is financed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and will be spread over three years to support young entrepreneurs and their investment needs.

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The CBN Youth Investment Fund is focused on investing in the ingenuity as well as the talents, skills, and entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerian young people to help them become entrepreneurs.

Link Portal to examine NMFB NYIF Loan Approval

The Link to check NMFB NYIF Loan Approval is https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app

The link is only available to Successful Shortlisted Candidates. At times, loading the NMFB NYIF webpage takes time Keep trying until it is loaded successfully.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has recently developed a form to address questions and provide answers to important questions regarding the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF). If you need more information or confirmation regarding the fund, please fill out this form:

Click here to complete the form.

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