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How to Stop Palmpay Ok Card

Are you searching for How to stop Palmpay ok card then this article is for you as we will give you all the necessary information about it.

How to Stop Palmpay Ok Card
How to Stop Palmpay Ok Card

What exactly is PalmPay good card?

PalmPay OK card can be described as a feature of the digital financial market that lets eligible customers purchase right now (from the list of items or items within the application) and then pay later on what they have purchased.

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The mini loan offered by PalmPay is interest-free for each customer, as the loan is repaid promptly.

If you fail to pay the loan in time, you’ll be charged some interest, however they’re reasonable in comparison to the other businesses that charge for late charges.

It is an online financial feature and is not a physical card. You are able to use the money within the application.

How to Stop Palmpay Ok Card

If your loan is past due, the company will send an notices of overdue to your mobile. If you’re annoyed with this message, it’s possible to turn off the reminders from palmpay under the settings of your phone.

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To accomplish this:

  • Open PalmPay app
  • On the homepage, click on the link for finance.
  • You’ll see an icon of a hamburger on the right-hand side of the screen and click it to open the options
  • Select deactivate security plugin
  • Be aware that in order for this to be effective, you need to pay back your loan before you can make a repayment.
  • After this then you’re set
  • That’s it

If this doesn’t work for you, call PalmPay to get more help.

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