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Download Ucredit Loan App Apk For Free

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UCredit, an online loan app for Nigerians and Ugandan offers collateral-free loans of between N7,000 to N100,000.

UCredit offers customers high-quality services and an intelligent online loan process. Users can apply for loans online and at any time, even from home.
The loan application process is safe and secure. Customers get a revolving loans, which means that if they repay their loans on-time, they can apply for the next loan without additional documentation.

How to Download and Apply for UCredit app loan?

  • Download and install the UCredit Loan App from Google play store
  • Register for an account using your 11 digit BVN number
  • Provide some information about yourself.
  • Verify your identity and that the information you’ve entered is correct.
  • Bind your ATM card to your account with N20.
  • verify your phone number
  • Get money sent directly to your bank account
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What are the requirements to obtain a UCredit App Loan?

  1. You can be a Nigerian citizen, or legal Resident.
  2. Between the ages 20 and 55 years.
  3. A monthly income source.
  4. Attach your ATM card to the account
  5. Verify your number.

What is the interest rate on a UCredit loan?

Rates of interest are determined by a variety of factors including your repayment history with UCredit as well as the cost of borrowing for us. The origination fee for 180-day terms is 12% depending on these factors.

All mobile money transaction fees (such as Bank charges) associated with repaying the loan are payable by the borrower. Standard SMS and data charges may be charged by your mobile operator.

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UCredit Loan App
UCredit Loan App

First-time borrowers should expect a significantly lower loan amount and term.

Is UCredit app loan legit?

Yes, UCredit App does offer loans but at very high interest rates. This is especially true for first-time borrowers. You might have difficulty repaying the loan. Before you apply for a loan, read reviews from other customers.

What UCredit loan apps can help you improve your life?

The app’s loan interest rate is very high, especially for first-time borrowers. Borrowers can be tricked by the app into paying extremely high interest. The app calculates how much you are eligible for and will give you a loan offer when you apply for loans. However, the interest is already included in your loan offer. For a seven-day tenure, 10,000 might be available to you. The remaining 4,000 will be paid as interest.

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UCredit loan apps does not appear to have a functioning customer service number. Many customers with issues have complained that they cannot reach the developers of the app.

Customers are also having trouble paying their bills. Although they claim to have paid, the app does not reflect their payment or clear outstanding debts.

How do I repay a UCredit loan

These steps are easy to follow:

  1. Open UCredit on the phone
  2. Click Here to Apply for a Loan
  3. Select one of the loans
  4. Click on the Repay in Advance button
  5. Verify that all details are correct, and then press “Repay now”.
  6. Select your payment method and click “Repay now”.
  7. Make your Repayment

Customer service number for UCredit Loan App

For any questions or concerns, please contact us

Email: ucreditcare@gmail.com

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