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Home Polytechnic And College OGSERA Result Checker 2022: www.ogsera gov.ng

OGSERA Result Checker 2022: www.ogsera gov.ng

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We are happy to present to you the Ogun State Education Revitalisation Agenda, OGSERA Results checker for examination (ogsera.ogunstate.gov.ng) for 2022. Also, it contains an Ogun State Education Revitalisation Agenda (OGSERA) exam results portal. The institution’s management has announced the results of the exam which was held in 2022.

Results of exams are not available to students either in writing or by telephonic communication, but only via OGSERA’s OGSERA Portal for Student Login. Students are able to receive results through:

  • The final exam results will be sent for all pupils. Make sure that your address and contact details are correct.
  • Final and Supplementary exam results will be announced on the campus of your enrollment on announcement boards.
  • The OGUN STATE EDUCATION RESVITALISATION AGENDA (OGSERA)’s automated answering machine, as well as
  • On OGUN STATE Education Revision AGENDA (OGSERA)’s web site.
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The results of an examination taken by students who have outstanding fees or library materials are not published until the amount due has been fully paid and the material from library was returned. However, additional examination results will be released regardless of regardless of whether there is a balance on fees or library materials.

OGSERA Result Checker: www.ogsera gov.ng
OGSERA Result Checker: www.ogsera gov.ng

Thus, every student who took part in the exam are able to check their scores below.


Check whether you are in the process of obtaining your exam results using here:

  1. Ogun State Education Revitalisation Agenda (OGSERA) results for 2022 are available for check them, log in to OGSERA’s OGSERA Result Checker site as well as OGSERA Students Login
  2. Log in using in your ” email” as well as enter your password and click ” Login” to check the results.
  3. You will then be able to check the status of your results.
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Result Enquiry

All inquiries regarding examinations must be addressed to Student Services, on the campus where you registered before 30 (30) days after the announcement of results. Applications received late after the deadline date are not be accepted in the event that the prescribed fee for late applications is paid. charge for late applications is paid.

The application must be subject to the approval of the Registrar, or his or designate, in accordance with the rules and regulations for examinations.

Note that a device with an active browser for web and connectivity to the Internet is required for this job.

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