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How To Check Admission Status On Jamb Caps

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Today, we’ll be discussing How To Check Admission Status On Jamb Caps

Are you searching online for a way to know the status of admission on JAMB CAPS, or how to determine if I’ve been admitted, and how can I find my admission status through the JAMB Portal? If so, then I am delighted to inform you that you’re on the right website!

Try to go through this article thoroughly and I’ll suggest that you don’t ignore any portion of this blog post since every single part of this article is vital to be aware of! Don’t forget, no information is worthless!

Most applicants do not know how to check their admission status. Some don’t know that they should check their Admission status through the JAMB The Portal to begin!

Many applicants are unable to attend because they do not know of the requirement to decide whether or not to accept admission on the JAM CAPS!

It is not just through JAMB CAPS that you will know that you’ve been invited to apply for admission. You can also verify this via School Portal, school email/sms notifications and JAMB CAPS.

There are a lot of institutions that require applicants to supply an email address or telephone number in order to send them a message to inform them that they’ve been given a pro forma admission.

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Without much effort How can you find out the status of your admission to 2022/23 in JAMB CAPS? Before I leave ask me what do you mean by JAMB CAPS?

How To Check Admission Status On Jamb Caps
How To Check Admission Status On Jamb Caps

What is JAMB CAPS?

JAMB CAPS is an acronym for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System. It was developed by JAMB to stop candidates from having multiple admissions to a single Institution. Additionally, it helps candidates to track their admission status

How to check the Admission status in JAMB CAPS 2022/2023

To determine your admission status to check your admission status JAMB CAPS, please follow the simple guidelines listed below;

NOTE: Activate Desktop Site On Your Browser. I suggest using Chrome and Brave browser. To enable Desktop mode in Chrome simply press the triangle in the upper right-hand part of the web browser. Then ensure that you are on the desktop mode and on the Brave browser, look for the three dots in the bottom of the right-hand corner.

  • Visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility_/
  • Log in using your email address that you used to sign-up to JAMB and your password.
  • After successful login you can scroll down and select and click the “Check Admission Status” tab, or the CAPS.
  • To check admission status, click the tab
    • Choose the Exam year, if needed.
    • Input your JAMB Registration number into the appropriate columns, if needed.
    • Then, click “Check Admission Status” to check the status of your admission. Then, you can check your admission status.
  • For CAPS tab
    • Click here to access my CAPS
    • After that, you can click to view your Admission status. You can then check your admission status.
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Notice this: The Admission List will be made available by batches to the JAMB portal when they are being processed.

Hope you understand? If you’re stuck in any way you can contact me by leaving a message and I’ll be glad to assist you!

With that being said, I’d be sure to walk you through the steps to see the status of your admission on the school’s website!

How do you check the Admission status on the School Portal 2022/2023

It is worth noting that many institutions usually publish the name of candidates who are offering a preliminary admission to on their main website. This is why I suggest that you visit the website for the Institution and check it periodically!

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To verify your admission status on the School Portal You can follow the simple instructions below.

  • Log in to the School of Choice The Official Site.
  • Locate Admission Checker Portal or Menu on the site.
  • It is important to note that every Institution has its specific website layout. You should therefore try to adhere to these Screen Guidelines.
  • Use your JAMB Registration Number. Most times, your name is your password if a password is mandatory. Be sure to comply with the screen instructions since not always will your password match your name! Hope you understand?
  • In the end, make sure you’ve been given admission or not.

Do you understand? If not, please leave an email and I’ll be more than willing to assist!

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