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Download Zash Loan App Apk For Free

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Zash Loan- Get instant cash APK content rating is everyone and is downloadable and installed on Android devices with 16 api or more.

Zash Loan can give a immediate loan to anyone in Kenya who require money to build their businesses shop, pay for other expenses.
* Loan Amount: KSh 500 – KSh 50,000
* Period of loan: 90 days – 7 days
Maximum loan limit Ksh 500.000
Very low interest (maximum APR) APR: 25% per year

Download Zash Loan App Apk For Free
Download Zash Loan App Apk For Free

For example, for loans of ksh 20,000 , with an interest rate of 91 days, the charges for the loan are according to:
Monthly interest rate: 25 percent /12 = 2.08 percent
Monthly interest : ksh20,000 * 2.08 percent = KSH416
Total monthly payment : ksh20,000 (3 x ksh 416) = ksh7082.67
The total amount of the principal and interest will total repayment bill, including principle and interest
KSH 20,000.00 * ksh20,000 2.08%*3= 21248 ksh

1.Why the loan you get through Zash Loan?
* No Credit report is required.
* Digital and paper-free process for your mobile
* No collateral requirements
Access to loan at any time and from any location
* Transfer to your M-PESA immediately within 1 minute after approval
* Available throughout Kenya
* As credit scores improve the loan limit gradually grows.
* A variety of flexible repayment methods
* You may apply for extension of loan if you don’t have enough cash to pay the loan back

2.who are able to apply for loans
* Kenya Resident
* Between 18 and 60 years old
* is an income source.

3.How do you pay back the loan?
* using the M-pesa Paybill 733555, and the account number. is the number for mpesa that you sign-up with or via our M-pesa Express APP
* enter the amount that you have to pay and the pin number of the M-pesa
A good credit score will improve your credit score

Your information is secure with us. It is transferred via secure HTTPS link to our servers and we never give it to anyone else without your consent , with the exception of Lenders. The transactions are all secured by a 128 bit SSL encryption.

We’re always looking forward to hearing from you! If you have feedback, suggestions or concerns, you can contact us via email at b9******9c1@1***f.com
Address: One Padmore Place,George Padmore Road,Nairobi City,Kenya

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