Capfin Loan Application : Contact Details, Calculator

Are you looking for capfin loan application, this blog post will tell you all you need to know about Capfin Loan Application.

Capfin Loan is a top-tier South African credit provider. Borrowing money is the best way to deal with financial emergencies that individuals and businesses may face. Prospective applicants should take the time and make sound financial decisions, as it is not wise to get a high interest rate.

Capfin Loan Application Online

You will need the following documents to apply for a Capfin loan:

  1. An acceptable SA ID.
  2. Three most recent pay slips and three most recent bank statements.
  3. An employee must have a stable job and a monthly income.
  4. An excellent cell phone number.
  5. An excellent SA bank account.
  6. You must be at least 18 years old.
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These documents must be included in your Capfin loan application

  1. An acceptable SA ID.
  2. Three most recent pay slips.
  3. At least 3 most recent bank statements.

Capfin Loan.

Capfin, a multi-award winning financial institution, extends loans up to R50 000 in a 24-month repayment term. They believe that it is vital to provide affordable credit to their customers.

Capfin partners with Fincheck and other financial service companies to change the perceptions of unsecured credit. All their loan advertising, processes and communication with customers is centered on customer education.

Capfin Loan Application : Contact Details, Calculator
Capfin Loan Application : Contact Details, Calculator

How to Apply for a Capfin Loan Online

Capfin Finance offers two types of loan applications. Online application and offline application are the two methods used by Capfin Finance.


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Capfin Loan Application Online, however, don’t require you to be present physically. The application process is available from anywhere. Because of technological advancements, Capfin Finance uses this method of applying. You can apply by visiting, and clicking on Apply now.

Prospective applicants may also SMS their SA ID number (33005) to get more information. A customer representative will contact you with more information and feedback about your eligibility.

How to submit required documents for Capfin Loan Application Online

Are you sure that all of the above documents are in order? Here’s a step-by guide on how to submit these documents to get your loan application approved.

  1. You can upload your documents directly to Capfin by clicking the Upload tab.
  2. Ackermans or PEP stores across the country can scan your papers.
  3. After applying, prospective applicants may email your documents to 67******1d7@c*** with your SA ID number in the subject line.
  4. Send your documents by fax to 0866880000 and include your SA ID number in writing.
  5. If you have a Nedbank, Standard Bank, or ABSA account, we will assist with retrieving your records without additional cost.
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Capfin Loan Repayments

To get a settlement quote, call Capfin’s Contact Center at 087 354 0002 or use our USSD Service at *134*6454#. You can pay your debt using the following payment methods once your expiry date is past:

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. EFT.
  3. Any PEP Store is open for payment

Capfin Loan Application Contact Details

Contact Details

Terms &


People hate wasting their time. Time is money. Capfin loans can be accessed in a matter of minutes, which puts them ahead other credit providers. You can also be assured of privacy and security by using a state-of the-art security system.


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