Capfin Loan Application Via Cell Phone

Are you looking for how to go about Capfin Loan Application Via Cell Phone the you are on the right web page.

To make the process of applying for loans easier than normal, Capfin loans application can be completed via a mobile phone or a telephone.

There are numerous channels to prospective applicants who require cash in times of emergency or who want to begin an enterprise but require capital, can reach out and begin the loan application from there.

  • Application via cell phone Call Capfin Loans on their customer service center phone number 087 354 000and ask for loan applications to begin there. Because you’ll need to provide certain documents, you might be directed to submit the documents in any method is most convenient for you.
  • By SMS : You can contact Capfin Loan through an SMS by texting ” HELP” (without quotation marks) to the shortcode: 43679
  • Through USSD code: Capfin recognizes that not all phones have a modern smartphones, and thus have an alternative for phones with other features. With USSD code any GSM powered device is able to begin the process of applying by dialing 120*5566# and is accessible across all networks in the nation.
  • Please Call Back: This option is also offered to potential customers to reach out to the lender. In this scenario the client fills the online form with the full name and surname along with their phone number, and click the submit button located below. Capfin will contact the number provided and the call can continue thereafter. To access this option follow this link and select the “PLEASE CALL ME” option.
  • Official website for Capfin loans provides the most convenient method to submit a your loan application. They also give you the possibility of uploading all of your documentation without the need to go to their offices physically or visit other partner shops such as Ackermans.


One option can be to make an application for one of the methods is to apply for a Capfin credit from every PEP or Ackerman’s location. All you have to do is walk with your identification to one of the previously listed stores, speak with the cashier, and inform them you’d like to apply for an Capfin loan.

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If the application is approved the loan will be credited to the account you want within 48 hours.

Capfin Loan Application Via Cell Phone
Capfin Loan Application Via Cell Phone


In order to apply on the internet, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to Capfin’s official website
  • Select “apply now.”
  • Input all of personal information, including names, South African ID number telephone number, email address.
  • Make sure you tick the terms and conditions box before proceeding.
  • Once you’ve submitted the form, you will be notified that your Capfin account is now created. Then, you login to your account using you South African ID number and an OTP delivered to the registered number.
  • Once you’ve registered, you can submit the application form which will appear and follow the steps to fill out the form and complete the form and submit.
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You may apply for a loan through the mobile device of your. To do this, send a brief message with you South African ID number to 33005. The application for a loan will be sent to you with instructions to follow or can dial *134*6454#. Be aware that fees apply.

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