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How To Get HDB Loan Statement

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Are you looking for how to get or download your hdb loan statement then this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Unplanned financial expenses could happen at any point throughout your entire life. For weddings or medical emergency education expenses, a dream trip abroad, home improvement or for any other reason A quick personal loan could be of assistance and assist you with all of your financial requirements.

HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) offers immediate personal loans to anyone who needs financial aid. It’s a no-collateral personal loan that comes with attractive interest rates and with a flexible duration of repayment. HDB Finance personal loans require a smooth documenting process, fast processing times and swift loan payment.

If you’ve made an application for the loan you can access the details of your HDB Finance loan statement and personal loan status as well as other details of your personal loan quickly and easily using various methods.

How To Get HDB Loan Statement

If you’re looking for any details about the details of your HDB Financial Services personal loan including the loan report There are three ways to obtain the information:

  • Visit https://hdbportals.hdbfssupport.com/CSP/, click on ‘My Account’ on the HDBFS website, enter your Date of Birth or PAN number, and verify your registered mobile number with an OTP
  • Make use of HDBFS’ Android mobile application known as HDB – On the Go’.
  • Utilize the chatbot “AskPriya on the official website of HDBFS.
  • Write to them through email at customer.58******2fc@9***a.com.
  • Visit the nearest HDB Financial Services branch by locating the nearby branch using the bank’s Branch Locator service at https://www.hdbfs.com/branch-locator.

Manage Your Loan Account Through WhatsApp

Utilizing the Whatsapp service offered by HDB Finance, you can effortlessly access all loan-related data which includes HDB Finance loan statement download process, HDB Finance loan statement download procedure, the most recent deals offered by HDB and more.

Save 7304926929 to your contacts, and then make a “Hi” message on WhatsApp using your mobile number that you have registered to use this WhatsApp Account Management Service. This service is a great way to track your account with a loan as well as the deals available to you.

How To Get HDB Loan Statement
How To Get HDB Loan Statement

Download ‘HDB On The Go’ App to Get Your Loan Statement

You can make use of HDBFS’s mobile app to download and view your loans account statements anywhere you go. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Google Play Store on your mobile phone
  • Download and search for the HDB on The Go’ app.
  • Use your mobile number to activate the application, that is associated with HDB to access your account. This will allow you to access the details of your HDB Loan statement on the internet as well as other information.
  • When you have opened the app, you can choose to choose a 4-digit password for safe account login as well as access to the apps.
  • You can then mention any of the following info. Check that your information is exactly as they are registered with HDB.
    • Date of Birth
    • PAN Number
    • LOS Number
  • Once the loan has been paid and the loan is paid out, you’ll be able check the loan’s information in the application.
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Utilize the Missed Call Service

You can easily look up the details of your HDBFS loan account using the simple Missed Call feature to access the loan-related details. Make a missed phone call to 044-45602401 using your mobile number that you have registered, and you’ll be able access the details of your loan from your mobile.

The call to the above number will be cut off automatically upon selecting the desired service. Then, you will receive the details of your loan account via an SMS depending on the service you chose.

The services offered by this facility are listed below:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • EMI clearance status
  • Loan Details
  • Refund
  • Application Status

Your mobile number needs to be registered on the loan account in order to take advantage of this feature. Customers must make an unanswered call only from the registered number on their mobile to 044-45602401. If you’ve not yet added your mobile number to your account for loans, call the closest HDB Branch for registration.

Key Features of HDB Financial Services Personal Loan

Personal loans offered by HDBFS include the following advantages and features:

  • Personal loans up to the amount of Rs. 20 lakhs: You could take out easy personal loans for salaried and non-salaried persons as high as the amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs depending on your ability.
  • Attractive interest rate:HDBFS personal loans come with the lowest interest rate for salaried individuals. The interest rates are tailored to your needs and your ability to repay.
  • Flexible repayment term:HDBFS offers flexible repayment time periods ranging from 12 months until 60 years. It is easy to pay Equated monthly instalments (EMIs) without worrying of financial stress.
  • Documentation online that is hassle-free:The bank requires minimal documentation for personal loan application process that is salaried. It’s all completely paper-free. All you have be able to provide is an upload copy of a soft copy of the documents you need.
  • Rapid processing and immediate payment: Depending on your documents and eligibility the amount of loan will be approved immediately and then be credited directly to the account of your choice.
  • There is no collateral or guarantor needed: Personal loans are secured loans. There is no requirement to present any collateral or present a security to receive an individual loan through HDBFS.
  • Different types of personal loans: HDB Financial Services offers multiple kinds of personal loans as outlined below:
    • Salaried Personal Loan
    • Personal Loan
    • New to Credit Loan
    • Consumer Durables Loan
    • Digital Product Loan
    • Lifestyle Product Loan
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How do I apply for a Loan Personal at HDB Financial Services?

If you are interested in applying to get an HDBFS personal loan, you must follow these steps:

  • Apply Now section on this bank’s site.
  • Input the required personal information and also your mobile number to enable OTP verification.
  • Enter the professional information in the manner required by the bank.
  • The application for a quick personal loan can be granted and a representative from the bank will be to you within a short time.
  • Upload the required documents.


  • Download HDB on The Go’ app for Android.
  • Verify your mobile number using OTP.
  • Go to the “Apply for New Loan Tab.
  • Enter the amount of loan as well as your personal details.
  • Enter your address details
  • Finish the process by uploading the signature/image upload


  • Find your nearest HDB Financial Services branch using the branch locator facility at https://www.hdbfs.com/branch/.
  • Contact the HDBFS personal loan specialist in the branch.


Contact the HDBFS customer service number +914442984541 for an application for a personal loan that is quick.

HDBFS Loan Statement FAQs

How can I find the balance amount for HDBFS Personal loan EMIs I need to pay?

Follow the steps listed below to find the balance of EMIs you must pay to cover the personal loan you have with HDBFS, HDB Finance loan statement or other information related to the account you have with your lender:

  • Log on to your account on the HDBFS web site by going to www.hdbfs.com after which click “My Account”.
  • Enter the mobile number registered the date of birth or PAN number.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • Hit on ‘Send OTP’.
  • Once you have verified the OTP the details of your loan can be reviewed.
  • You can also download the ‘HDB On The Go’ android app from the Google play store or call the call centre team at 044 – 4298 4541 between 10.00 am to 06:00 pm, from Monday – Friday, except national holidays and regional holidays or write to them at customer.58******2fc@9***a.com
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What do I need to do to get my loan statement to HDB personal loans?

HDB Finance loan statementis an chargeable request. You must pay the amount of Rs. 500 for Charges for Statement of Account. Statement of loan accounts can be obtained in the following ways:

  • You can review the details on your HDBFS personal loan as well as the last 5or future 5 transactions by logging onto your account on the HDBFS web site: www.hdbfs.com. Click on ‘My Account’. Enter your mobile number registered and date of birth, and PAN numbers, plus CAPTCHA and finally click “Send OTP”. After verifying the OTP The loan information are available to view.
  • If you’d like to see just a summary of the personal loans you have, or the most recent 5 or future 5 transactions on your account with a loan, you are able to view it through the HDB on the Go mobile app’ under the “Loan Summary section.
  • You can also call customer service on +91 44 4298 4541 from 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of the national holiday and other regional celebrations. Enter your loan account’s number, and then choose your preferred language for placing the request.
  • You can also write to HDBFS at customer.58******2fc@9***a.com or visit their branch nearby you.

What can I do to get information about my existing loan?

You can find out information regarding your current HDBFS personal loan including HDB Finance loan statement as well as the amount of the loan, the amount of EMIs completed or remaining EMIs and so on. Logging into www.hdbfs.com and then clicking on the ‘My Account’. Enter your mobile number registered with HDBFS as well as your date of birth and PAN Number, and CAPTCHA, and press’send OTP’. After you have verified the OTP is verified, you can access your loan information. Android customers can access the HDB mobile application ‘HDB on the Go’ and view the loan summary. You can also visit your nearest HDBFS branch in your city or write an email to the bank at customer.58******2fc@9***a.com

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