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Abii National Loan Requirements

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If are you looking for Abii National Loan Requirements then you are in the right place as we will tell you everything that you need to know.

ABii National Savings and Loans are just a few of the financial services ABii National offers its customers. In reality, many startups are popping up. Businesses of all sizes aren’t stopping. 

Due to this, there is a slim chance of commercial banks meeting the financial needs of these companies. As a result, both business and private owners are forced to seek financial assistance from other service companies (other than banks) within Ghana. ABii National Savings and Loans offer a wide range of financial services that they provide their clients.

Abii National Loan Requirements

When you read this article you’ll be able to learn the details on ABii National Savings and Loans, their products, and Abii National Loan Requirements.

About ABii National

They created ABii National in 2011. It is a savings and Loans Company in Ghana. They were licensed by the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Law in 2008 (Act 774). This law permits them to offer financial services to the general public. This is why they provide diverse financial services like loan disbursement, taking deposits, and so on under the supervision of the Bank of Ghana. In addition, they conduct clearance, foreign direct transfer as well as other types of international trade via the banks that they partner with.

What are ABii National savings and loan products?

ABii provides various services for its customers. These are:

  1. Salary Loan

The loan is accessible to employees of reputable companies. It comes with low monthly rates of interest. Additionally, it offers one-to-four monthly payments that are contingent on the amount of income.

  1. ABii Salary Advance
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The ABii salary advance is offered for salaried workers. Thus, the customer must have an active account. To be eligible for the account, income must flow through the account for at least three months. It is a competitive account with interest rates for monthly payments. It also has the option of allowing as much as 80% of the salary. The borrower can repay it in one lump amount or spread it out across 3 (3) months.

They will process the product for you in 24 hours upon your request.

  1. ABii Personal Loan

ABii personal loans are available to those who aren’t salaried with an attractive rate of interest per month. Its maximum term is 24 months. In addition, they can process it within 48 hours of requesting. It is however an unsecured loan.

  1. ABii Clearing Advance

It is accessible to importers at attractive interest rates. It has a 1-6 month duration and is processed within 48 hours of request.

  1. Working Capital Support Loan

The product was created to help support those who manage the capital requirements of companies. It comes with attractive interest rates and a duration of between 1 and 12 months. They can process the loan in just 48 hours after receiving the request.

  1. ABii Church Account

This is a high-interest current account for churches. It is due with a balance of GHC20,000 and above. It also includes free cash pick-up in specific quantities every Sunday as well as special events.

  1. Revolving Loan

It is a loan that is collateralized. It is accessible to SMEs who have a significant stock turnover. It comes with attractive monthly interest rates and 12-month tenure.

  1. ABii SME Loan

The loan is for business loans designed for SMEs with a large turnover that is at least GHC2 million annually. It also offers attractive monthly interest rates and one to twelve months of tenure. Additionally, they can complete the loan in just 48 hours after the request.

  1. Overdraft
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It is operating capital assistance with attractive interest rates. Particularly designed for accounts with excellent credit turnovers and a duration of between 1 and 12 months.

  1. Asetenapa Account (Personal & Business)

The account can accept the minimum amount of GHC5 for individuals, and GHC10 for business. It also has unlimited withdrawals each month. Additionally, it has high-interest rates for the month. It also offers the option of using the passbook.

  1. Call Account

Sweeping account for SME/corporate businesses. Excellently competitive rates of interest.

  1. Save Account

The account comes with 10 and high-interest rates on account balances. They also calculate their monthly interest payments every day. There are no limits on withdrawals per month.

Optional access to E-banking, SMS alerts, or ATM service.

  1. Kiddie Save

They have savings accounts available for children, with free advantages for protection against the death of parents. The account has an opening deposit amount of GHC an attractive interest rate on account balances. This they calculate every day.

They will use these savings to fund the future of their child, with the ability to withdraw one per month. The account comes with a premium for insurance of 1 percent per month on the account balance. Additionally, it also provides access to SMS alerts E-banking, ATM card, and SMS alert.

  1. Personal Easy Save

The product comes with an investment tenure of one year that is accessible to anyone. It offers an interest rate that is competitive for deposits ranging from GHC1,000 to GHC4,999. It is also highly competitive for GHCat 5,000 or more.

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Furthermore, there’s the option of rolling over the investment upon maturity which allows monthly contributions to invest. It is also beneficial to save for specific projects since the investment has to reach its entire term which is 1 (1) one year. You can however use the investment to get loans ABii.

  1. Work And Pay

With this service, it is possible to get access to new commercial vehicles. There is an initial deposit of 20% to get it, along with low-interest rates for the month. The loan’s duration is 1-36 months. They can approve the loan within just 48 hours after submitting the receiving the request.

  1. CAGD Loan

The company designed this product to serve government employees who are on payroll with the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) Payroll. It comes with a maximum repayment time of 48 months and a competitive interest rate. In addition, it also provides same-day cash payout.

Abii National Loan Requirements

  1. Available to workers of reputable companies
  2. Competitive Monthly interest rates
  3. 1-24 monthly repayment depending on the salary
  4. Available to non-salaried workers
  5. Competitive Monthly interest rates
  6. The maximum tenure of 24 months
  7. Processed within 48 hours upon request
  8. Collateralized loan

Who are the contact numbers of ABii National

For further inquiries about their products or other concerns, reach them via:

  1. ABii National Head Office Address Dan’s Bar is located adjacent to the Samsung headquarters, in Adabraka.
  2. P. O. Box CT 10067, Cantonments, Accra.
  3. Number: 233-302-241050 (or their Hotline): 577-709-000
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