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Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate

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Are you looking for two wheeler loan interest rate then this article is for you with all the necessary details about two wheeler loan interest rate.

  • Lenders must be approved before they pay your loan. This can be helpful if trying to secure an loan to purchase your bicycle.
  • Service for customers: It is a factor that most borrowers do not think about when they apply for loans. The lender should offer a great customer care support service that can answer your questions for the near future. If you do not have a good customer service, it is a major source of frustration.
  • Discounts and special deals: Keep an eye out for regular discounts or special rates and loan terms that lenders offer. Many lenders will offer customers special deals during the festival season. Taking advantage of these deals can aid you in obtaining better prices of interest and more flexible terms for repayment and more conditions for loans.

The factors that influence the interest rates of two-wheeler loans

Look over the different factors that affect the interest rate on the loan you have taken out for your two-wheeler:

  • A Credit Score It is among the crucial factors which determines the interest rate you pay. Many lenders use fixed rates to these types of loans. If you have a high rating on your credit, then you might be eligible for an interest rate lower. However in the event that the credit scores of your poor it is likely that the lender will likely cost you a higher rate.
  • your income level Each lender sets a certain amount of income that they anticipate you to earn each month. The more you earn the less chance that you will not be able to repay the loan. This typically means that you’ll be offered a lower rate of interest. If you earn less in income could receive a higher amount of interest.
  • Your workplace: The place where you work or the company that you work for could influence your interest rates offered. A company with a good reputation could indicate that you’ve got a steady job and you’re earning an income that is stable. This can translate to low interest.
  • Your Type of Employment: Lenders may offer different rates of interest based on whether you’re salaried or self-employed.
  • The Age of You: Your age plays an important part in determining the rate of interest you will pay. If, for instance, you’re approaching retiring, your mortgage could be more expensive. This is due to the fact that being closer to retirement usually implies that your capacity to pay back the loan will be less.
  • Your existing relationship with your Lender: If you already have a relationship with the lender It could allow you to obtain a lower price of the interest. A strong relationship with a lender can provide you with more favorable loan terms.
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Notice: These are some of the primary elements that affect the rate of interest you pay. There could be other factors which are unique to your lender you’re getting a loan.


  1. Do I have to always choose the loan with most affordable EMI?If a loan that has the lowest interest rate may seem to be the most sensible option but it doesn’t always represent the lowest cost for you. The cost of the loan is also contingent on other aspects like processing charges, documentation fees and vehicle inspection costs and many other aspects. Check the above factors before deciding to take out the amount of a loan.
  2. What are the various ways of the comparison of interest rates?There are two methods to compare interest rates for two-wheeler loans. You can obtain quotes personally from every lender by calling their local branch office or visiting their websites. You can also seek the assistance from a lender aggregator, such as BankBazaar that provides you with the latest rates of interest being provided by lenders.
  3. Does my lender alter my interest rate over the period?The only way that your interest rate can alter is if you select an interest rate that is variable. In the event that the price is changing your lender can alter the rate of interest to match the current market rate. If you opt for an interest rate that is fixed it won’t change.
  4. If I opt for a variable rate How often will it change?The rate of your variable interest will be changed only when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) modifies its repo rates. The rate will change directly in relation to the change made by RBI. So that if RBI raises the rate, your lender could also raise the rate. If RBI lowers its rate your lender could also lower your rate.
  5. Does my variable interest rate rise above my fixed rate?RBI generally focuses on the low rate of interest to ensure that the borrowers aren’t affected by the high interest rates. Because of this, there’s a very low likelihood of variable rates rising above fixed rates.
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Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate in India

BankTwo Wheeler Loan Interest Rates*Lowest EMI Per Rs 10 Thousand For Max Tenure
Axis Bank16.50%The cost is Rs 246 for 5 year.
SBI16.95%For 3 years, Rs 356
HDFC Bank8.50%The cost is Rs 246 for four years.
PNB10.40%5 years at Rs 214
Bajaj Auto Finance11.60%Three years at Rs 330
IndusInd Bank21.00%Rs 377 for 3 Years
Allahabad Bank10.35%Five years of Rs 214
Andhra Bank9.90%For 5 years, Rs. 212
Bank of India7.75%Rs 200 for 5 years
Union Bank of India10.80%For 3 years, the cost is 326 rupees.
United Bank of India9.55%Rs 200 for 5 years
Corporation Bank9.90%For 3 years, the cost is Rs 322
Indian Bank8.65%5 years at Rs 206
Karnataka Bank12.83%For 5 years, Rs 227
Jammu And Kashmir Bank9.35%Five years of Rs 209
Canara Bank9.45%Three years at Rs 320

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