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Interior design course online blog.stella

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Are you looking for interior design course online blog.stella then this article is for you with all the necessary information.

Free Online Interior Design Courses

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List of the top countries for Interior Design course

To pursue the greatest profession in the area, candidates must register in interior design courses overseas. You’ll visit many locations and witness a variety of designs in a nation, which will assist you as a designer expand your horizons. But where should you pursue design studies? Let’s discuss the best nations for studying interior design.

Given that so many countries offer Interior Design programmes, choosing where to attend college if you want to study abroad can be difficult. The best type of flooring for a space, which wall colours go well together, and how to coordinate furniture and decor are all things that must be learned in order to become an interior designer. Are you seeking for top-tier country courses in interior design? Here is a list of the best nations for studying interior design.

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Why Study from top countries for Interior Design course?

Numerous approaches exist for how studying abroad can enhance your experience. if you decide to enlist in prestigious countries’ interior design schools. You will have the chance to meet with students from all over the world who could later join your network as designers or influencers.

While taking interior design classes from renowned nations, you will be exposed to new culture, cuisine, and clothing. You will have the chance to create a worldwide portfolio of work while you are a student to show off your abilities and how you might help clients or companies from other countries in the future.

List of countries for Interior Design course

  1. BFA in Interior Design 
  2. Bachelor of Interior Design
  3. Interior Design and Decoration/ Interior Design (Top-up) – BA (Hons)
  4. Master of Interior Design
  5. Interior Design Associate Degree Program 
  6. Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration 
  7. Diploma of Art and Design
  8. Diploma in Interior Design Technology

List of top countries for Interior Design course


One of the best places to study interior design is England. England will be one of your greatest possibilities if you want to study in Europe. World-class universities with excellent research and instruction can be found in England. If you’re looking for a specific degree, England has many different programmes to choose from. One of the best art schools in Europe and the entire world is the University of the Arts London. Even the Royal College of Art, which offers interior design as one of its art degrees, is regarded as the best university in the world.


Japan is recognised for its unique combination of old and new homes on the Asian continent. This nation values education highly and is creative and technologically cutting-edge, thus their schools have modernised teaching facilities. Students who major in interior design receive hands-on training from their instructors and hone their artistic skills.

The benefit of attending Japanese universities is that they offer English-taught courses to prospective overseas students. As an illustration, the first college in the nation to focus on interior design was the ICS College Of Arts in Tokyo, which was founded in 1963. In addition, Kyoto Seika University offers courses in subjects linked to interior design.


If you want to study Interior Design in Europe but are on a tight budget, Spain is a top choice because the academic standards are not sacrificed in order to keep tuition costs low. Spain is a popular location for overseas students. Enrolling in an Interior Design programme here will extend your perspective because of the cosmopolitan nature of the country and the westernised aesthetic you will encounter.

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Furthermore, there are a lot of foreign students in Spain, so you shouldn’t have any trouble integrating. For its educational institutions, they provide a variety of degrees and programmes in interior design. For instance, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain, offers courses in interior design, private spaces, and other relevant topics.


Italy is a wonderful choice if you study art because of its rich culture, history, and influence on the arts, especially if you study interior design. As an international student, you will have the opportunity to tour furniture businesses and learn from them because Italy is known for its furniture industry. A university with a solid reputation will provide you with interior design training that will be beneficial to your future career.

Additionally, Italian universities and colleges provide courses taught in English and have a solid educational system designed for both domestic and foreign students. Italy is famed for its arts programmes, thus there are many universities and colleges there. For instance, the Florence Institute of Design International offers a variety of degree levels in its English-taught programmes. The Istituto Europeo di Design offers a number of top programmes in design.


If students desire to increase their educational options and career alternatives, this country offers a wide range of educational opportunities. After graduation, you can anticipate more job opportunities because China has made innovative advances in a number of industries, including housing, infrastructure, and education.

Interior design studies and related subjects are offered in Chinese universities like Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation. They provide English-taught programmes and are located in a region of China that is friendly to business.


Middle Eastern nation of Turkey is home to world-class educational institutions that generate local and foreign graduates in a range of professions. Additionally, tuition fees are lower in this country. As an interior design student, you will learn about the cultural impacts of art as well as various design philosophies and further hands-on training. By the end of your studies in interior design here, you will possess the skills and knowledge necessary for the profession.

Interior design and related studies are offered by Istanbul Medipol University, a private college. One advantage of attending this university is the location. It takes place in Istanbul, one of the country’s oldest cities and a symbol of history and culture.


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