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Africunia Bank Grant: How To Apply

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Are you looking for Africunia bank grant and best to apply for the bank grant then this is the web page for you.

This grant is legit and reliable , the possibility of you getting this grant is based on the requirement which we discuss below before the end of this post.

Africunia Bank is a Blockchain Technology Cryptographic Currency Development Bank. Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

In an official statement about the release of Africunia bank grant 2022, The President of Africunia Bank, Don Chancellor, said the time had come to tackle poverty in Africa using every available means, adding that technology would help do this.

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He said, “Development needs to be fast-tracked in Africa and we are committed to the continent’s growth through digital banking products and services.

“We are very elated about this opportunity to develop the MSMEs across Nigeria and Africa and make them globally competitive in this era of technology. We have already started the hard work.

“Working with O-mobile and So.Sui.Ben affords us the opportunity to quickly reach the unbanked and unconnected and give them access to first-world banking infrastructure and services. We believe that our partnership with a firm that already understands technology and has wide presence in Nigeria will help us quickly accomplish our goal.”

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Africunia bank grant
africunia bank grant

How To Apply For Africunia Bank Grant

Step 1 click here.to open a bank account with AFRICUNIA BANK

Step 2 click here. to sign in and update your ISHIBA membership account

Step 3 click here. to submit your details and complete your Grant Proposal form.

Step 4 Click here. to register and buy Afcash

 The grant is for farmers only

For successful registration, you must use this link to register https://ishibadcs.org/africuniabank

Africunia Bank Grant Application Form

The africunia bank grant application form can only be seen on the official website of Africunia bank.

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