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How To Start An Interior Design Business In Nigeria

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A job in the field of interior design in Nigeria is quite tricky. Nigerians gaze at the area from afar and attribute it to color and fashion.

However, more and more excellent Nigerians are learning to appreciate and respect the profession, particularly concerning the stunning designs we’ve witnessed in the present generation. Thus, increasing numbers of Nigerians are putting the plan of their homes by the skilled and skilled technique of interior designers.

A career in Interior design requires more than being aware of the various colors and combinations. It is simple to design your business card and start.

There is a chance that you’ll be able to escape from small tasks like organizing a client’s home, but it can get complicated when you have to contain showrooms, office spaces, industrial buildings, and so on.

It will then become an understanding of the considerable difference, and you’ll begin to understand that there’s plenty more to this vast field than just a vibrant mix.

This is the way to go; what is the best way to enter the exciting design field of Interior Design in this beautiful country? Finding an area of your own in this fascinating job can be very simple.

Are you talented?

The initial step in Interior design is the most vital aspect: you must have the ability, knowledge, and appreciation for colors, combinations, fabrics, and textiles. You must be able to recognize each of the dimensions.

It indicates that you are a fan of rearranging the living area. Do you like changing things up and adding aesthetic value to your home? If you do, then you’re in the right place to start.

This is important since the interior designer’s life is crowded and requires a deep enthusiasm for designing spaces, or you’ll burn out quickly. Therefore, money shouldn’t be your primary motivation but rather the passion you have for it.

Invest in proper Education.

Interior design isn’t “a wake-up and take a dive” field. Therefore, if you decide to make that dive (if possible), it’s the “good” way to start losing clients since soon, your clients will discern your ruse and realize how shady your business is.

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A rewarding career in Interior design demands that you know the field’s rules, codes, and complexities. You will only be successful if you have an extensive education. You can obtain this through the many Interior design colleges that are found across the nation.

Some run programs ranging from 3 months up to one year, with flexibility in class times to ensure you have access to your other business.

Start by doing voluntary work.

Once you’ve received the Education, the next thing to do is voluntary work. There are two methods you could go about this. However, the second should be your primary goal. The first is to sign up as an intern and work under the guidance of well-known interior designers in the country.

Some interior design schools offer this opportunity, while some still need to. If your school of instruction does not provide this type of opportunity, you can search for one and get the pay, and if there is no fee involved, it is only your determination that can help you achieve your goals.

The second option is to create the homes of your loved ones at no cost, it is a lot of fun, and constructive feedback from them will help find your weaknesses and redesign your strategy. Exposure and experience are your greatest assets since your score will eventually determine the amount you pay.

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Knowing that you shouldn’t perform voluntary work with a prospective client is crucial since it could negatively impact your company and present your business as a “charity facility.” Narrow down the list of potential clients you’d like to work for free to those who can eventually help you establish your name as a reputable and well-established designer.

Make sure you have a supply of your resources.

Know your market in depth. All the materials needed in any structure, like cabinetry for kitchens and industrial materials, are down to the cost and collection of lamps. You need to know where that offers the finest quality and most expensive price.

This will reflect on your quotes’ credibility and give your customers the impression they want of how committed you are. Your customers will appreciate you for this since it’s an added benefit to your knowledge.

Portfolio building

Portfolios are essentially the form of a book used to describe your work and convey information to your prospective customers. Nowadays, many designers are guilty of taking designs they have found on the web and passing them as their own. This isn’t just illegal but is a big negative for your customers.

It is essential to fill out your portfolio with images from your work in the past and ensure that you are using the best techniques for photographing to get every detail). However simple your job may be, being original will keep you in touch with your potential clients.

A significant collection is based on ensuring that all volunteer jobs are completed with extreme care since they determine the collection’s overall value.

Your clients are not you; they are your customers.

In the end, it’s all about your customers rather than you. You need to be a “people person” if you are looking to succeed in this area. You should display traits that include excellent communication listening, listening skills, and humility. You must ensure that you engage with your customers beyond business. You must look at the project from their eyes and help them fulfill their expectations.

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Do not style your client’s work by referencing your connections. Even if you do have suggestions, make sure that you discuss the matter with your client to understand what they feel about the project in question. Your client’s needs must be given precedence over your personal preference in any job.


The world of interior design is highly competitive. Therefore, you need to have a lot of marketing expertise. Please make the most of every level and structure of advertisements, whether paper advertisements, business cards, or other online marketing strategies. It is essential to make the most of each platform.

Online Advertising is an excellent method to showcase your talents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Clients can be reached from all over the world. Knowing that you could be employed as an interior designer from locations quite far away from yours is essential.

If you want to be successful in marketing, remember that your family and friends are essential to developing and growing your business. Please use every organization you are a part of, including your religious group, as they are vital.

Do you have the ability to achieve it?

The field of interior design is demanding and time-consuming. It is possible to get lots of clients. However, the method to retain them is even more crucial. You will rise to new heights through hard work, a quality portfolio, and strong personal skills,

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